128 Hilarious Bathroom Design Fails

Taking some “me time” on the toilet should be a peaceful experience, and usually, it is, in the comfort of your own home, but what happens when you have to use a public restroom? Even the most bathroom shy of people has been caught in that terrifying moment of panic where you have to frantically search for a restroom and pray that you don’t find anything too horrific inside.

The following is a list compiled by Bored Panda of the most extreme bathroom design fails that made at least one person if not everyone’s’ bathroom experience odd, uncomfortable, terrifying and possibly hilarious. From toilettes with no stall to inconveniently placed soap dispensers you won’t believe these crappy designs. And remember don’t forget to upvote your favs!

Our AirBnB had a translucent bathroom door. I’m used to my impatient toddler stalking me through the bathroom door, but this took it to a much creepier level

Image credits: goodluck_canuck


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