2 Suns Appear in Skies Above UK October 16 2017

Breaking World News October 17th 2017

The media is downplaying this as a mirage in the UK of 2 suns from sand in Saudi Arabia! Of course that would make the sun red and duplicate it and they would know that the second it happens…

THE FORCE OF NATURE Star Wars fans stunned after ‘two suns’ are spotted in UK sky during storm Ophelia
STAR Wars fans across the UK and Ireland have felt like they’re on another planet as storm Ophelia sweeps in. A trick of the light caused by the storm scooping up sand from the Sahara has caused it to appear that there are two Suns in the sky.

Has anyone noticed how they are spraying material in the air to block the sun on specific dates and times?

Why does outside look like I’m living on a different planet?


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