Biden announces he will no longer touch people

In the wake of stories about his unnecessary touching and kissing while greeting women, Joe Biden issued a half-hearted statement that didn’t really apologize or promise anything, saying he didn’t think he ever acted “inappropriately.”

But today, Biden—who will likely run for president and be dogged by stories of this from now until he drops out or wins—took a different tack, promising to respect personal space.

“Social norms are changing. I understand that,” Biden tweeted, “and I’ve heard what these women are saying. Politics to me has always been about making connections, but I will be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future. That’s my responsibility and I will meet it.”

In a video, Biden called his behavior that others found uncomfortable gestures of “support and encouragement” in the service of making a “human connection.” He said that they were how he “showed he cared” and that it was “who I am.”

He also looped in selfies, saying the boundaries of personal space had been reset, but that “I get it” and that he will be more “mindful and respectful of people’s space.” But he didn’t outright apologize.

Ladies and gentlemen, he’s running.


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