Chinese Restaurant Has The Weirdest Chicken Wing Pricing And People Are Drawing Graphs To Figure It Out

Every once in a while, people of the internet come together to achieve great tasks, for (often times) odd reasons. It’s definitely not the first time that the great minds of Twitter used their talents to calculate formulas for something they deemed interesting, so when one user posted a mind-boggling chicken wing price chart, everyone got their calculators out.

The menu comes from Danny’s Wok, a Chinese restaurant in the States, and whoever was working on these prices quickly had people confused. People posted formulas, charts and their own analyses on Twitter until they found the best answer. Scroll down below to read what they come up with and don’t forget to add your own input! (Facebook cover image: wEnDy)

More info: Twitter

Recently, Twitter user Sean posted a mind-boggling price chart for chicken wings

The menu comes from Danny’s Wok, a Chinese restaurant in the States, and it had people confused

It wouldn’t be Twitter if people didn’t try to figure the menu out

They even went as far as making charts of their own

(Click here to view the full chart)

(Click here to view the full chart)

Which later turned into formulas

And eventually boiled down to graphs

Until someone, finally, seemed to have figured it out!


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