Exposing Safe Schools – LGBTP Gay Agenda Teaching Paedophilia to Children

G’day everyone! Every Aussie needs to listen to this Mum! Some of the lessons she describes are being delivered in non-member schools because ITS IN THE AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM. This political agenda in schools is stealing the innocence from children and replacing it with an extreme gender and sexuality ideology. Link Below… Sub to politicalpostingmumma for part 2 when released!!

♡♡They are breaking down our kid’s natural protective instincts, their sense of self, of morality, self-respect and respect for others. ♡♡

¤This is Marxism at work in our schools… only we can stop it.¤

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Trust me she will hear from the crazy supporters of this program who can’t be bothered looking past what they are told by “experts” in the media.

Have you told you school you don’t agree with gender theory in you child’s classroom… Get the note… Download from pinned note in the group ☆Safe Schools, Australian Law & Our Kids☆ https://www.facebook.com/groups/24730… complete and give to your school. It is the first step to bringing this “program” to an end…

It’s time for us as parents to start working together to see the Gender Theory they call safe schools removed once and for all and to begin to demand schools stop other pushing other programs race, gender, refugees, globalism and feminism etc that are designed to shape the children’s moral, social and political outlook. This is not the schools place. Their place is nurturing academic growth. In addition to the 100’s of so-called Safe Schools nationally, we are seeing Safe Schools materials used increasingly in non-member schools, we have over 12000 teachers trained to deliver the content nationally. We know this material is potentially damaging to psychosexual development. We need to firmly say, on behalf of our children. NO! We need to be more aware of what and how education is being delivered to our children. If you don’t know, if you are unsure, start researching, you owe it to your children.


ACL Information Evening with Dr Taylor (program) and Dr Whitehall (transgenderism and health effects) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

Anirtak76 Safe Schools n Social Programs: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=…

Prof Athanasou- http://youreteachingourchildrenwhat.o…


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