For some reason, boys are singing the ‘Halo’ theme song in school bathrooms

Teens are always catching flack for the latest disturbing and dangerous new trend—full story at six! I mean where do we even begin? You’ve got Tide pods, cinnamon swallowing, condom snorting, butt chugging, butt chugging cough syrup… The list seems to go on and on. And thanks to the prevalence of social media, it’s easier now than ever for teens to discover what things they shouldn’t be putting into their various orifices in a variety of horrifyingly creative ways.

So, when every now and then, a trend comes along that’s just purely wholesome, we’ll take it. Such as this trend that seems to have materialized out of nowhere, which involves teen boys singing the Halo theme song in the school bathroom. That’s literally all it is.

Here, see for yourself!

And then one teen found a way to put a “ladies, imagine this” spin on his video:

While most of the videos have popped up over the course of the past several days, this one on YouTube (of just one person singing in a bathroom stall) that dates back to early April may be the inspiration, which has gotten over 50,000 views so far.

As for why they are doing this, does it even matter? Sometimes it’s okay to just enjoy a thing without reading too deeply into it.

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