Freezing Temperatures And Strong Winds Turned Balaton Lake Into A Winter Wonderland

I would like to show you my recent photos of Fonyód-Alsóbélatelep beach at Lake Balaton in Hungary. The beach is ice-frozen. The strong wind and the cold icicles caused by the cold embrace the shore, offering a spectacular view for spectators.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Apart from looking like a winter wonderland made of crystal glass, Lake Balaton is considered to be the largest lake in central Europe. There are a few interesting facts about this lake, however. One of the most interesting ones is that Lake Balaton’s water is radioactive to a medium level. Shocked? Well, actually, it doesn’t mean anything bad. The water contains dissolved gases and minerals and is therefore very beneficial for rheumatic and nervous disorders, post-operative recovery, etc.

Scroll down the page and see it for yourself! And maybe one day it will be your next travel destination?

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