Gay couple says Uber driver assaulted them after they embraced in his car

A gay couple says after they embraced in the backseat of an Uber, they were subjected to horrific verbal and physical assault by the driver.

NBC News reports that Taray Carey and his husband, Alex Majkwoski, told the outlet they were with another friend and headed to a bar in New York City when the driver asked, “Are you fags?” After being asked to repeat himself, the driver asked, “Are you faggots?”

“He’s telling us in his country we would be beheaded and left for dead,” Carey said. He said his friend exited the Uber when it stopped for a traffic light. Carey tried to leave, as well.

“I tried to step out, and he gunned it while my husband was still in the back seat,” Carey said in a Facebook post that included photos of gashes on his hands and knee. Carey told NBC News that the driver, who said he was from Russia, dragged him “a quarter of a block” down the street.

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***PLEASE SHARE***Tonight I was thrown out of an #uber by a homophobe. I tried to step out, and he gunned it while my…

Posted by Taray Carey on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Majkowski told NBC News he repeatedly demanded that the driver let him out until the car finally stopped.

The couple reported the incident to nearby police officers, but Carey claimed the cops were dismissive and that one told the couple they “probably deserved it.” A spokesperson for the New York City Police Department refuted Carey’s characterizations of the officer and said a report filed about the incident was being investigated.

Carey did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

In a statement to NBC News, the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission said it was also looking into what happened.

“Such behavior will not be tolerated in the industries we regulate and it will be fully investigated,” the commission said.


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