Gucci Mane is having the time of his freaking life in Iceland

If only we could all have as much fun as Gucci Mane is having in Iceland.

The “Lemonade” rapper posted clips to his Instagram Story on Friday from his Iceland hotel room, which appears to be situated right on a geothermal hotspot (aka, a natural jacuzzi). Gucci Mane seems totally delighted by the whole ordeal, even if the water was “hot as hell.”

“Bruh. I’m in a lagoon, dog,” he says after lowering himself into the water.

His excitement is almost as radiant as his teeth.

“This ain’t no pool, ya boy Guwop in the lagoon,” Gucci Mane says, referring to his nickname that has carried different meanings before and after his struggles with drugs and symbolizes his personal growth post-prison.

Gucci Mane is featured with Migos’ Quavo on Ty Dolla $ign’s summer anthem “Pineapple.” The video dropped on Wednesday—while Gucci Mane was probably busy having the best damn time of his life. If you need him, he’ll be splashing around lagoons.

“I hope no polar bear come from under the rocks ’cause it’s outside,” he says.

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