Guy Blames His Ex For Not Taking Care Of Their Child, Gets Destroyed With Words

Parenting can definitely be a challenge, but some people find it more difficult than the other, especially when the child is still just a mere baby. From changing diapers to many sleepless nights, the trials and tribulations of being a parent can truly take a toll on any person. And that becomes even harder when you’re a single parent. Tired of raising his 18-month-old son, one single dad decided to share his troubles with Reddit, seeking legal advice on making the mother of his son take care of the child. He explained the situation, focusing on his ex-girlfriend and the choices they both made, passing judgment and calling the woman a “deadbeat mom”. Although he asked for legal advice, the man got more than he bargained for. Scroll down below to read the full story and don’t forget to tell us what you think! (Facebook cover image: julie corsi)

Parenting can definitely be a challenge, but some people find it more difficult than the other

Image credits: tmldahl (not the actual photo)

One guy posted on Reddit, seeking legal advice for his parenting situation


People responded, although not as the original poster expected and they had a short back-and-forth








However, one person had the best reply to the poster’s message



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