Guy Gets Too Close To Wild Fox While Snapchatting It, And Now He Wishes He Hadn’t

There’s a reason why people say “sly as a fox.” With a beautiful coat and a bushy tail, these animals look gorgeous on the outside but carry a lot of hidden intentions on the inside. And wouldn’t you know it, when this guy encountered one of them in the middle of the street, he decided to snapchat the rare occasion. The animal, however, had a trick up its fur that caught the dude completely off-guard.

Scroll down to check out the footage that has amassed over 52,000 upvotes on reddit and learn why you can’t trust a fox!

What would you do if you met a cute fox on the street?

Image credits: tootsaysthetrain

This guy decided to record the rare occasion and turned on his Snapchat

Image credits: tootsaysthetrain

And as the fox was coming closer to him, he even tried petting it

Image credits: tootsaysthetrain

But this turned out to be his biggest mistake

Image credits: tootsaysthetrain

Watch the full video to see what happened

No wonder the little fox felt guilty, hiding in the bushes

Image credits: tootsaysthetrain

Next morning, however, fate had rewarded the guy for the effort he put into the chase

Image credits: Tootsaysthetrain

People were quick to react to the unbelievable event


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