Guy Illustrates 10 Shower Moments We All Have In The Shower

If you take a shower 5 times per week, you spend about 35 hours a year in there. That’s a lot of standing around naked under the water. Recently, creative mastermind Chaz Hutton (previously here and here) decided to sum up his experiences in the shower in a comic, and it’s too real.

Appropriately titled “Life in the Shower,” the series takes a closer look at what’s happening and what we’re up to when cleansing ourselves.

“I lived in a place in the UK for a year that only had a bath, and so after a bath or two every day for a year I’m kinda done with baths,” Chaz told Bored Panda. “Give me a shower any day.”

“Ideally, [a good shower is] one that has an amazing view coupled with the risk that someone might accidentally look the other way through the same window.”

Chaz admitted he has experienced all of the moments featured in the series. “I came up with the idea for this comic while having a shower and thinking about how I had no ideas for any comics.” Scroll down to check out his stuff and let us know what happens in your shower. If you’re brave enough, of course.

P.S. “Life in the Shower” is also now available as a poster over at Prinstachaaz!

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