Have your cake and serve it too with this ingenious little slicer

If you spend all day baking a dessert that would make Ina Garten jealous, you should ensure it looks equally smashing on a plate with this cake slicer.

This thing cuts through cake like room temperature butter. Simply press into any cake, pie or other sliceable dessert. Every cut will be so clean you’d swear it was done by a machine. The handle grip allows you to lightly lift and carry cakes as soft as angel food to their destination with ease. And it accomplishes this without any sharp blades, so even kids can use it. Plus, the slice’s post modern design makes even funfetti cake look like something you’d pay big bucks for at some fancy restaurant. Awesome!

This cake slicer is available on Amazon for $10.87 (regularly $27.64).

Buy it here


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