Husband Refuses To Stay Out Of His Wife’s Picture With Jason Momoa, And The Final Pic Will Make You Laugh

Not many women could resist the beauty of Jason Momoa. This incredibly talented actor, who is mainly known for his roles of Jason Ioane in Baywatch and Khal Drago in Game of Thrones, definitely receives a lot of attention from female fans. And even though the actor himself is happily married to an actress Lisa Bonet, we can still dream a little, right?

Well, one Imgur user did just that as she asked her husband for a single favor – that is to have a picture taken with Jason Momoa without her husband in the shot. Unfortunately, the spouse wasn’t really feeling it so he decided to stay in the picture, and lucky for us it all turned into a hilarious joke that the famous actor himself participated in.

Scroll down to see the final picture yourself!

Meet Liz Medendorp, she is a is a huge fan of Jason Momoa, but who isn’t, right?

Image credits: twoforjoy

However, her husband Anthony Medendorp is not so sure if it’s a good thing

Image credits: twoforjoy

But who could resist this unbelievable beauty?

Image credits: Cybele Malinowski

“I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn’t comfortable with that”

Image credits: twoforjoy

Yep, that’s Jason’s signature ower the husbands face


Image credits: twoforjoy

And this isn’t the first time Liz’s husband gets in her pictures with her favorite celebrities

Image credits: twoforjoy

When all she wants is a cute photo like this one with Nicholas Brendon

Image credits: twoforjoy

Even though it seems that Liz is trying her best to remove her husband from the photos, it turns out that they were entirely his idea

Image credits: Anthony Medendorp

Here’s how he explained his hilarious plan

And it’s safe to say that many people found these photos incredibly funny



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