I Recreated Illustrations Of Old Magnificent Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Hello, I’m Yliade, a french freelance illustrator.

Drawing and creating have always been a large part of my life from a very early age. This year, I challenged myself to draw several Pantheons in my own style.

I really enjoy working on the design of each god while trying to respect their attributes and symbolism. So, here is the first series about some Old Egyptian gods, I hope you’ll like it !

More info: deviantart.com

Bastet – goddess of domesticity, women’s secrets, cats and fertility

Anubis – god of death, embalming, funerals and morning ceremonies

Sekhmet – goddess of lions, fire and vengeance

Thoth – scribe god of time, knowledge, the moon and wisdom

Serqet – goddess of scorpions, healing venomous stings and bites

Seth – god of chaos, change, deserts, storms and foreigners

Nut – goddess of the night-time sky and all heavenly bodies

Ra – god of the sun and creation

Isis – goddess of magic, marriage, healing and protection

Anubis – god of death (II)

Sobek – crocodile god of the Nile, strenght and power


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