Ivanka Trump wages war on Christmas with ‘Happy Holidays’ tweet

As the December holiday season approaches, President Donald Trump has bragged that due to his ascendency, people are greeting each other with “Merry Christmas” now instead of the more religion-agnostic “Happy holidays” that apparently proliferated in the Obama era.

(Which is not true but whatever.)

One person who apparently didn’t get her father’s message though was his own daughter.

Yes, that’s Ivanka Trump, White House adviser, son of the president, saying “Happy Holidays.” Not two weeks ago, President Trump attended the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree on the Mall and tweeted his enthusiasm about finally getting to say “Merry Christmas” as the president of a country with religious freedom prescribed in its constitution.

Naturally, people on Twitter thought Ivanka’s message was a coded shot at him.

But it probably wasn’t! Ivanka, it should be noted, converted to Judaism before marrying her husband, White House advisor Jared Kushner, and, in all of the president’s lamenting about holiday-neutral greetings destroying the fabric of America, he never really addressed the nuance of interfaith families in power attempting to respectfully communicate December-centric cheer with their constituents.

It’s probably OK.

Trump himself, not five years ago, wished people “Happy Holidays.”

He’s gonna be so mad at himself when he finds out.

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