Jon Voight says Trump is the greatest president since Lincoln in Twitter videos

Academy Award winner Jon Voight posted a two-part Twitter video on Friday reiterating his support for President Donald Trump. In the video, he said Trump was the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln–and Twitter has feelings. 

“Don’t be fooled by the political left because we are the people of this nation that is witnessing triumph. So let us stand with our president, let us stand up for this truth that President Trump is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln,” Voight said in the video. 

Even though he received tons of support under the post, the left that he so openly bashed has feelings regarding Voight’s remarks.

Many commented on his complicated relationship with his own children, including Angelina Jolie–who also began trending after his posts.

While family issues should be a personal matter, his relationship with Jolie is relevant because of Trump’s remorseless and relentless comments about her looks in the past. Jolie is not the only woman Trump has ever bashed, but it does pose the question of how this hasn’t affected his perception of Trump.

Voight, a former supporter of the Democratic party, has also been openly critical of Barack Obama when he was president, and that wasn’t lost on Twitter. It added salt to the wound to watch him compare Trump to Lincoln.

Needless to say, there were a lot of Anaconda references.

This isn’t the first time Voight has defended Trump. He received backlash in the past, with Robert De Niro calling him “delusional.”

It’s been less than 24 hours since his posts, so there will likely be a lot more Anaconda jokes and Angelina Jolie references on Twitter over the weekend.


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H/T The Hollywood Reporter

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