Logan Paul rips KSI for sexually objectifying women

Ten days after Logan Paul walked out of his boxing press conference with YouTube star KSI, Paul posted a video Saturday explaining why—and Paul said it’s because KSI sexually objectifies women.

Showing six-year-old clips of KSI, then 18 years old, as he interviewed women, commented on their breast size to their faces, and asked them about masturbation, Paul said he was “disgusting” about KSI’s attitude toward females.

“You talk about my girl like she’s a piece of meat,” said Paul, who recently began dating actress Chloe Bennet. “But you know women have a choice, right? Sometimes they don’t like those comments. I feel like you should have learned that from six years ago, when you lost everything because you were disgusting toward women.”

Paul was referring to Microsoft’s decision in 2013 to drop KSI after his antics during a European video game convention.

Paul said he didn’t want to get personal in the London press conference, but then KSI brought up Bennet’s name and the crowd began changing, “She’s a hoe.” KSI said, “So you got a new girlfriend now. Chloe Bennet, what’s up babes? Why don’t you introduce me to her? You’ve only got 85 percent of your testicle. Let me give her the other 15. I’ll show her a real man.”

In another clip Paul showed KSI saying in a vlog, “How is he going to go down on with you with a busted lip? I’m sorry Chloe, but after the 25th of August, Logan is going to have to fuck you like a prostitute.”

Paul also said he didn’t necessarily have room to talk, especially because of an old music video he starred in called “No Handlebars.” In the video that apparently reached 42 million views, Paul sings lyrics like, “I can ride your girl with no handlebars” and is seen in the video riding a girl like a bicycle.

“This kind of content no longer represents my brand and the person I’m becoming,” Paul said while showing footage of himself deleting the video from his YouTube channel.

Paul—whose father was punched in the head from behind after the London press conference—also revelated what he said was a private message to KSI to discuss not going too personal in their press conferences. This was the message Paul said his team sent to KSI’s team to keep their trash talking professional.

Logan Paul KSI YouTube fight

Logan Paul Vlogs/YouTube

Paul said he recognizes how KSI is acting, because he said he acted the same way before he went to Japan, eventually shooting and filming a dead body in a suicide forest that caused international fury, cost him plenty of money from YouTube, and marred his reputation.

“You are the exact person that I’m working hard not to become,” Paul said. “I made an unforgivable mistake in January. No one will ever forget that. I am the one who, at the end of every single day, asks myself what the fuck went wrong with my life that I thought that was a good idea. The more and more I can get away from that person … the better.”

Here’s Paul’s entire video.

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