Montel Williams and Trump’s deputy press secretary are feuding over the border wall

White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley and television personality Montel Williams engaged in a brief spat on Twitter Wednesday over President Donald Trump’s plan for a border wall.

Williams, who tags himself in his profile as a member of the widely mocked anti-Trump #Resistance, took shots first in response to one of Gidley’s tweets about a White House cabinet meeting.

Gidley didn’t take too kindly to being branded a college fratboy, seizing the opportunity to not only inform Williams that he was 42 years old but to also publicly lash out at Democrats critical of the wall.

Bemused by the partisan exchange, Twitter users on the left and right fell in line behind each man.

Some cheered Gidley on for his put down.

Some slammed the deputy press secretary for going after Williams, who is a veteran.

Meanwhile, others were quick to point out to Gidley that Williams’ status as “a former talk show host” no more disqualifies his opinion on immigration policy than the president’s career as a reality show host.

Williams’ mentions, meanwhile, are currently flooded by Trump trolls and other users dragging him for his prior endorsement of Money Mutual—a lead generator for exploitative payday lenders.

It’s a weird, petty feud.

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