“My Wife Ran And Won Her Age Group In Her First 5k This Weekend. Here Are A Couple Pictures From The Race”

Zach Sturino was so proud of his wife who has just won the first race she ran, he congratulated her with something better than a gold medal. Zach photoshopped her pics from the event so hilariously, they went viral and informed everyone about his partner’s amazing achievement.

“Not only has Stephanie had to take care my broken self, but she has also continued to work full time, take care of our children, oh and also WIN her division in a 5k this past weekend,” the husband who’s currently recovering from a knee surgery wrote. “I’m so proud of her and so thankful. You the real MVP.”

Showcasing his photo editing skills, Zach has inserted Stephanie into the Pamplona bull run, a few classic movie scenes and other funny surroundings. Scroll down to check out his stuff!

More info: Instagram

“My wife ran and won her age group in her first 5k this weekend”

“Here are a couple pictures from the race”

“Her one condition was no yellow jacket girl”

People congratulated the husband greatly:


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