People Are Laughing At This Pomeranian, Who Ran Away From Her Owner And Got Taught A Lesson

A lot of crazy things can happen on a dog walk. Maybe your pup starts chasing a squirrel, maybe a squirrel starts chasing your pup. Or maybe you run out of treats so your four-legged buddy decides to steal an ice cream from a kid. Who knows! The recent unexpected encounter that Cherie Priest and her two doggos had on one of their strolls, however, definitely tops that list.

Chunk the Pomeranian ran away from its owner and its first targets were Cherie’s gang members. There were screams, bites, the whole shebang you’d expect from a tiny furball that thinks it’s sooo badass. And since Cherie’s a writer, her Twitter thread is nothing less of a beautifully written action comedy. Scroll down and check out how everything unfolded!

More info: Twitter

This is Cherie Priest, a proud dog owner

On one of her routine walks, Cherie and her gang experienced a hilarious encounter

No doggos were harmed!


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