People are tweeting old photos of their grandparents looking fly as hell

On Monday, author and co-host of BuzzFeed News’ “AM to DM” Isaac Fitzgerald shared a photo of his grandfather on Twitter. “For no reason whatsoever look at what a goddamn stunner my grandfather was,” he wrote.

In a subsequent tweet, he asked people to share photos of their own grandparents and the responses have been amazing.

“My grandparents werkin it back in the day,” one person wrote.

Some people’s grandparents were especially fly. One user shared a photo of their grandma with the Queen. “My Grandma Jenny holding a sheep for the Queen to inspect in 1954, she’s leaning forward on the left side ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh inspect sheep at The Showground Dubbo (N.S.W.) 1954,’” they shared.

And then there was this badass woman. “My grandma hunting in a fur coat and heels while pregnant. Apparently, she was the best shot in the family,” someone wrote.

Others shared their grandparents in love. “My grandparents …caught kissing. They were so in love all their lives,” one person said.

“This is them on their wedding 1955 and them 62 years later. They are the light of my world,” another person said of their grandparents. “And still as spunky as ever.”

It’s safe to say our grandparents might have been cooler than us. You should probably go find out more about yours right now.


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