People Were Amazed By Banksy’s Painting Shredding, But One Artist Noticed That Something Doesn’t Add Up

Bansky is known the world over for his acts of rebellion, sticking two fingers up to the establishment with a series of poignant, humorous and provocative works in unexpected locations. Recently he delivered perhaps his greatest work, protesting against the commodification of art by very publicly having his own work shredded at auction while horrified salesmen and investors looked on.

But was all really as it seemed? Was this wanton act of self-destruction the ultimate expression of anarchy and a troll of epic proportions, or actually a calculated and cynical way of gaining publicity and increasing the value of his art?

Josh Gilbert, an artist and blacksmith from Chicago, has some serious doubts. Presenting his theory with impressive attention to detail, his arguments about something being fishy with the accepted version of events certainly carry some weight. Those blades are not gonna work like that. What’s in the box at the bottom? And has this setup really been on standby since the work was created back in 2006? Yet again Banksy has us all talking, and I guess that alone is a victory for him.

No matter what you think about the stunt, there’s definitely more to the story! Scroll down to check out Josh’s findings below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Bansky shocked the art world recently by setting up one of his works to self-destruct upon sale

But Chicago-based artist Josh Gilbert had some doubts about the much-publicised stunt

Here’s what people had to say about Josh’s astute observations


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