Police Asks People To Identify Trespasser And The Entire Internet ‘Recognizes’ Him

Having a celebrity doppelgänger sounds awesome, but how do you think they would feel to know you were smearing their good name? In a strange turn of events, the Rochester Police Department in New Hampshire posted a bulletin asking people to help them identify a trespassing suspect along with a photo of what appeared to be Eminem.

Well the internet lost its mind and flooded the police comments with hilarious, albeit, unhelpful Eminem song references. Despite the hullabaloo the Rochester PD was able to identify their suspect, posting: “The suspect has been identified, and we can confirm it is NOT Marshall Mathers.” Scroll down below to read some of the responses they received.

The Rochester Police Department in New Hampshire put out a search bulletin for a trespassing suspect and the Internet recognized him immediately

As famous rapper Eminem or at least his twin

Naturally people lost their minds and hilarious Eminem references came flooding in

Despite the unhelpful parodies the department was able to find their guy, assuring us it was not who we thought


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