Rep. Dan Crenshaw called out over shutdown tweet

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) got called out on Friday for a tweet claiming that Republican leadership would end the ongoing government shutdown.

“In an alternate universe where Republicans still held the House, the government would be open, federal workers would have their paychecks, and Border Patrol would have the funding and tools they need. Just something to think about,” Crenshaw tweeted Friday.

As many on Twitter pointed out, Republicans held the House and Senate when the shutdown began.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) shot back, too.

Some pointed out that Crenshaw might have missed the lead-up to the shutdown because he was busy with other endeavors.

Crenshaw appeared on Saturday Night Live in November after cast member Pete Davidson made a joke about his eye patch.

As the partial shutdown moves into its 22nd day, government employees continue to work without payment, as the Associated Press reported Friday, and division over President Donald Trump’s border wall continues. Crenshaw has said that he will not take a Congressional salary until federal workers are paid again.

The two houses of Congress, despite both having Republican majorities at the time, could not pass a funding bill in December. A bill to fund the government could not pass the Senate without some Democratic votes, which did not materialize by the Dec. 21 vote.

The logic behind Crenshaw’s tweet is unclear; multiple attempts to reach Crenshaw for comment were unsuccessful.



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