Rescue of the boys trapped in a Thai cave has begun, and the photos are inspiring

Days after it was discovered that a Thai boys soccer team became trapped in a cave, multiple members of the squad were rescued on Sunday.

According to the New York Times, via the Thai Navy SEAL Facebook page, at least four teenage boys were led to the surface. Some reports said six of the team members had been rescued, but thus far, only four have been verified.

And some of the photos are inspirational.

The 12 teenage boys and one of their coaches became trapped in last month after they visited the cave following a team practice. Rising waters blocked their exit, and they were discovered earlier this month as diving lines were laid to bring food, water, and other supplies to the team members.

Now, at least one-third of the team has been brought back to the surface.

More from the Times:

The boys and their coach will be brought out one at a time by 13 foreign cave divers and five Thai Navy SEAL divers who were participating in the arduous rescue attempt … He said the boys had been preparing for days to come out through long, flooded passageways that are challenging even for the most skilled cave divers, who must navigate openings so narrow that only one person can go through at a time. Each boy will have two divers trying to bring him out.


Further complicating the operation is that the boys do not know how to swim, said divers participating in the rescue effort.

On Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he would send engineers from his SpaceX and Boring companies to Thailand to help in rescue efforts.

The effort to rescue the remaining team members and coach will reportedly resume on Monday.


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