Since 1950, This Family Passes Down Same Dress To Wear To Kindergarten, And It Still Looks Wonderful

Hand-me-down clothes often tell family stories that go back generations. For Colorado-based mom Jenny Hirt, a dress sewn by her great-grandmother in 1950 is the core of a heartwarming tradition. The dress was first worn by Hirt’s aunt, Martha Esch, on her first day of kindergarten, and is still being worn by each girl in the family for the same occasion 67 years later.

After having previously sent her own daughters, 4-year-old Caroline and 6-year-old Ally, to school in the symbolic yellow smock, Hirt’s niece recently became the nineteenth person to wear it – Hirt herself was the fifth! The garment has traveled between 7 States throughout the years, yet has only had to be minimally repaired by recipients. Considering most families can barely make a sweater from the 70’s last a couple generations without falling apart, this is an astounding feat.

Summery, light, and full of vintage flair, we can’t see any of these little girls minding the adorable dress at all. Scroll down to see the family’s anthology of kindergarten photos, and let us know if your family has any traditions this strong.

This dress has been passed down in Jenny Hirt’s family since 1950, and it’s part of a heartwarming tradition

Left: Martha Esch, Jenny Hirt’s aunt and first wearer, 1950 – Right: Caroline Hirt, Jenny Hirt’s 4-year-old daughter and 18th wearer, 2017

Girls in the family always wear the dress to their first day of kindergarten, including Hirt’s daughter Caroline

It all started when Martha Esch, Hirt’s aunt, had the dress sewn for her first day of kindergarten

Since then, the dress has traveled to family members across 7 States, and has been worn by 19 people

Hirt’s niece, Sylvie Johnson (right), was the most recent wearer, and 3 more children will wear it this year

The Internet fell seriously in love with this family’s commitment

Do you have any family traditions this strong? Tell us below!


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