Stephen Miller’s fake hair is almost as bad as his policies

In an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday, White House aide Stephen Miller tried out a new look while discussing his racist immigration policies.

Miller, 33, has a prominent receding hairline; perhaps in an effort to emulate his boss, Miller made an attempt to cover his baldness. It did not go particularly well.

Whatever is atop his head appears to be an entirely different color than his natural hair, and looks to be sprayed on, or a least made of a material other than human hair.

Of course, Twitter went nuts trying to figure out what was going on atop Miller’s head.

Miller was on Face the Nation to talk about the Affordable Care Act, saying the law was “always unconstitutional” and that President Donald Trump wanted to work across the aisle for a solution that would bring down premiums and allow for protections for pre-existing conditions. He then pivoted to immigration policies. He blamed “illegal immigration” and “left-wing activist judicial rulings” for the death of 7-year-old Jakelin Caal Maquín.

Miller advocated for President Donald Trump shutting down the government over funding for the border wall.

Although Miller’s look was unfortunate, it did get people paying attention to Miller’s policies, too.

Here’s the full segment.



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