The Bride Was Busy During A Pre-Wedding Shoot, So The Groomsman Stepped In And The Result Is Hilarious

When groom Doshinski and his bride were at a pre-wedding venue viewing, the bride didn’t know it was also supposed to be a pre-wedding photoshoot…

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“It’s more a chance to visit the venue and find some good spots to get staged pics like these on the wedding day rather than trying to find what works when they only have limited time,” Doshinski writes. But the bride didn’t know it was also supposed to be a pre-wedding photoshoot, so when she was busy – the groomsman had to fill in. “She thought we were just doing a viewing of the venue,” Doshinski said. “I probably should have told her I like to do test shots!” Fortunately, even though the bride wasn’t in the pictures, the pre-wedding photoshoot was quite a success – just look at those poses! All’s well that ends well, right?


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