‘The Dragon Prince’ season 2: Everything you need to know

Netflix‘s The Dragon Prince already won hearts with its first season, which debuted on Sept. 14, 2018. It’s a fantasy adventure series with a similar tone to Voltron or Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it was renewed for a second season after just three weeks on Netflix.

Here’s everything we know about The Dragon Prince season 2.

The Dragon Prince season 2 release date

The Dragon Prince will return in 2019, the showrunners confirmed at New York Comic Con. They didn’t say precisely when in 2019, but we won’t be surprised if it’s sooner rather than later. Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender released seven seasons between June 2016 and August 2018, and if The Dragon Prince follows in its footsteps, we could see more than one season per year.

dragon prince season 2

The Dragon Prince/Netflix

The Dragon Prince season 2 cast

The main voice cast is expected to return for Dragon Prince season 2, but we predict plenty of new additions now the main characters have embarked on their journey. In particular, we’re expecting to meet some more elf characters, possibly from different elvish cultures. Co-creator Aaron Ehasz mentioned the possibility of elves with Irish or French during our interview, so that’s one possibility.

The Dragon Prince season 2 plot

Season 2 ended with a lot of intriguing loose ends, including (most obviously) the birth of the titular Dragon Prince. Hatching from his egg in the season finale, the baby dragon is super adorable and still very mysterious—as well as instrumental in the conflict between humans and elves. Callum, Rayla and Ezran are still on their quest to deliver the Dragon Prince to safety, but they’re sure to attract more attention now the egg has actually hatched.

Meanwhile, in the human kingdom, there’s a lot going on. Viren has fully embraced dark magic and is trapping people inside magical coins, while his children Soren and Claudia are hot on our heroes’ trail. And then there’s King Harrow, who allegedly died at the start of season 1 but was almost certainly transformed into his pet bird, Pip, who is now Viren’s prisoner. Oh, and there’s that mysterious magic mirror. Phew.

The show’s creators haven’t revealed any specifics about what to expect in season 2, but co-creator Aaron Ehasz confirmed they have plans for a multiseason arc.

netflix's dragon prince season 2

The Dragon Prince/Netflix

If you’re into hearing behind-the-scenes details, we recommend following the Dragon Prince accounts on Twitter and Tumblr. They don’t share spoilers, but they do post interesting snippets of information about the characters and setting.

The Dragon Prince season 2 news

Many fans will be glad to hear that in season 2, The Dragon Prince will feature smoother animation.

This is a rather inside-baseball criticism, but a lot of animation fans commented on the show’s slow frame rate in season 1. Basically, some viewers found the animation distractingly jerky, and the showrunners heard this criticism loud and clear. Speaking to the Verge, Ehasz explained that the almost stop-motion visual style was a result of their method of 2D computer animation, and they’ll take the frame rate issue into consideration next season:

“It’s definitely something that, in the future… we’re not gonna be able to vastly change how we make it, but we’re definitely gonna have an eye toward specific shots and scenes[:] Can we make them more fluid? Can we make them exceed the expectations that were set?”

The Dragon Prince season 2 trailer

The Dragon Prince season 2 trailer probably won’t arrive before 2019.

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