The What if…? Show – Episode #3 The Plane Truth

Chemtrails are a HOAX! Airplanes run on air; it’s a gas.

A fear psy-op to make you misunderstand simple technology and imagine god-like powers to control freak a**holes.

Gas turbine = Jet Engine
Air = Gas = Fuel
Chemtrails = Hoax on Goyim slave class
Passport = Slave Pass

Plus we bust the SI units 7.

Watts and what is in the air; it’s a gas.

In Episode 2: OIL & GASLIGHTING we discuss the mislabeling of what we call Hydrogen and Oxygen in relation to the aether (also called quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe).
Oil is made from plants, processed in processing plants to produce plant produce, same story with plastic and even coal.

The only difference between Coal and graphite is that coal is an uncountable noun and diamonds can be made is the microwave.

Peat and the Carbon Tax Swindler’s List J(ewe)niverse with a digital price-tag on everything under the anode sun to the cathode moon.

The history of Oil is a weigh-all whale of a tale and the origins of dinosaurs are a crude joke.
We discuss electrolysis,hydrogen, oxygen, gas and watt it is we are breathing.
Wood and peat for coal to coke to make gasworks work and much more.
Finally we discuss episode 3: The Plane Truth where we reveal the mystery behind why ‘chemtrails’ are bullsh*t again and the real ‘jet fuel’.

Hydroelectric dam hoaxes are busted.
Solar power is so sh*t and so wasteful.
Wind power turbines generates as much power as my farts.
We live in the energy system.

So finally THE MASTER PLAN on SEPT(seven in french)/11/17

Dylan is in India with Vishal and we will be showing viewers experiments proving free atmospheric electricity power towers are in use and that there is electricity all around us, it surrounds us, inside and outside of us, the electric secret for everyone.
We need your help.

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