This artist is ruling Twitter with twisted sketches of peoples’ avatars

If an artist offers to sketch you for free, you should always, always, always, take them up on it. You might not get what you expected, but in certain cases the results might be even better.

When Anson T Massey, an artist who goes by “ANSON” on Twitter, posted that he was bored, and would sketch people’s profile avatars if they followed and retweeted him, it was an offer many found too good to pass up. It turns out a few of them wished they had, and the rest had their day made.

ANSON took some artistic liberties with everyone who sent him a request, but with certain people, he really went off the deep end.

Most people seemed to be amused by ANSON’s artistic interpretations of their avatars.

He’s even gotten some art back from fans.

Although a few people seemed less than happy with their results.

If you want to see all of these extremely excellent drawings (and we know you do), you can follow the artist on his Instagram page.

Also, if you want to have ANSON sketch your profile picture, there might be a bit of a wait. He’s rapidly turning into the most popular artist on Twitter.

We’re anxiously awaiting his first gallery show.

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