‘This is so sad Alexa play Despacito’ is a meme that is trying to lighten the mood

Ever been so sad about something you’ve just seen, read, or heard that you just had to express your feelings on Twitter, or in a text? Maybe you said something like “That’s so sad.” But then you really wanted to hear your favorite song (because reasons), so you turned your head away from the screen and immediately called out to Alexa to “play ‘Despacito!‘”

Uh, us either. But we sure do like the fun and strange new word salad-like meme that’s been making the rounds. Say it with us: This is so sad Alexa play Despacito. It may not make sense at first but just think about it. Someone’s just said something that you’re supposed to be upset about. You’re supposed to empathize. Instead, you’re only half-listening and you want to hear “Despacito.”

The apparent creator of the meme told New York magazine’s Select/All that he posted the line “this is so sad alexa play despacito” a week ago to Tumblr after his cat ate his spaghetti. And now people are using the line to lighten the mood after a sad event. It’s a half-hearted, misguided attempt to make things “brighter.” And “Despacito” is a rump-shaker and a half. It could probably liven up anything, right?

The meme gets funnier the more it’s combined with our favorite pop culture scenes, ranging from Game of Thrones to Mean Girls and everything in between.

If even works when the meme is applied to our Extremely Online selves.

H/T: Select/All

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