This Lady Gaga tweet from 2012 has resurfaced as a meme

In what will probably come as a total shock (not really), Lady Gaga has once again become a meme.

One of Twitter‘s many downsides is that at any given moment, a tweet can come back to haunt you. An old, ill-advised tweet has the power to stall or end careers—as was the case with James Gunn getting fired by Disney from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise—or just humiliate you on a near daily basis, as we see routinely with the president of the United States.

Thankfully for Gaga, the tweet that was unearthed this week is far more innocuous.

On Nov.6, 2012, the Mother Monster tweeted the following nonsensical combination of all-caps letters and numbers:

What could it mean? Well, it’s possible that Gaga was reacting to former President Barack Obama winning the 2012 election, which took place that day. In retrospect, it could also be applied to the most recent presidential election; it’s really an all-purpose tweet.

In any case, the incredibly relatable tweet went viral as people found ways to appropriate it in relation to everyday situations.

This has been your friendly reminder that old tweets never die. They just fade away for a bit until they become useful again.

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