This streaker, with a monkey face penis pouch, deserves the Olympic gold medal

At this year’s 2018 Winter Olympics, anything is possible. Openly gay competitors can take the gold, Olympians can dress like superheroes, and us regular folks can reclaim the event to boast about our selfies. Even world famous streakers have a shot at making history this year.

Mark Roberts, a British man known for streaking around the world, crashed the men’s 1,000-meter speed skating event in PyeongChang with a message of “peace + love” on his chest—and a very tasteful monkey-shaped penis pouch—on Friday.

Unfortunately for Roberts, he entered the ice equipped with only a sense of humor. It took only a few moments before he lost his balance and fell on his face in front of thousands of people. Lucky for us, there’s Instagram footage to prove it.

Haha..! Streaker gaat onderuit op de Olympische ijsbaan. Vanavond bij DWDD? #olympics #kjeldnuis #pyeongchang2018 #dwdd @kjeldnuis

A post shared by Maarten Kooij (@mhj.kooij) on Feb 23, 2018 at 3:45am PST

Obviously, Twitter went wild about the performance.

In case you were wondering, this isn’t Roberts first streak—it’s not even his second or third. It looks like he’s streaked at about 562 sporting events, according to Yahoo Sports. One of his more notable streaks was in 2004 when he streaked during Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston.

But in front of the entire world, his attempt Friday might have been the most ballsy yet. The monkey pouch would probably agree.

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