Twitter hates this ‘muzzle’ for making phone calls private

Office culture is already weird, but it could become weirder if this invention for making phone calls more private comes to be. Called a Bloxvox, the “voice privacy tool” is a contraption worn on your mouth to muffle your voice. Basically, it looks like a muzzle—and Twitter hates it.

CNET reported on the device Wednesday, explaining that “it’s designed to work with your existing headphones that have an inline microphone, which tucks into a slit in the Bloxvox.” There’s also an air hole in the front to let you breathe.

It’s not a fully realized product yet, but there’s a Kickstarter to raise money for its production along with a video showing how it could be used in an open-layout office setting. For example, it could definitely drown out the not-so-humble-brag of an office Becky demanding a bonus because she’s “crushing it.”

Despite entrepreneur Greg Umhoefer’s earnest goal to let people have more private phone calls in public settings, Twitter mercilessly bashed the whole idea. For one thing, it’s extremely reminiscent of a certain villain from the Batman franchise.

Some people are just disappointed that we live in a world where this is a real invention as a byproduct of cutting costs (and office space) to increase production.

Then again, maybe there’s some merit to a device that could give everyone a little more peace and quiet.

Of course, it’s all fun and games until corporations are buying muzzles in bulk ($30 each for 100!) for employees who don’t have the luxury of a private area for making phone calls, and we’re all stuck looking like Bane.


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