Twitter users mock Eric Trump’s ‘Jeopardy!’ tweet

On Wednesday evening, Eric Trump saw his name on a Jeopardy! clue and earnestly shared a photo of it on Twitter. He wrote out the question to the answer “Eric Trump to Jared Kushner” in the caption: “Who is ‘brother in law.” (Followed by an American flag and fist bump emojis.) But Twitter users responded with more creative answers.

Several people joked that the correct question labeled President Donald Trump‘s son and son-in-law as cellmates or co-conspirators:

Others said that Jeopardy! answer revealed a bad fantasy character transformation.

And then there’s this horrifying tweet:

Robert Dimitri, a Los Angeles-based management and production assistant who guessed the correct question on the show, addressed Eric Trump’s tweet with a scorching reply. “Hi! I’m the one who answered this correctly on the show. Yes, you & your family are famous enough to appear as clues on Jeopardy!. I expect your father will make more appearances in the future under the categories “Political Embarrassments” & “Self-Promoting, Lying Jackasses,” he said.


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