Two Friends Of Different Races Can’t Stop Roasting Each Other On Twitter, Make People Question If It’s Racism Or Not

Each generation has or will experience events that cause division among us, perhaps it is human nature. As individuals we decide how we choose to navigate our differences wether it is politics, gender, nationality or race. Social media has provided a platform for people to voice their thoughts and opinions on that which divides us. This can lead to hateful rhetoric, but when social media is used for good it can bring us together in the best ways.

Twitter users @TheParacelsus and @jmemc10 went viral when they chose to go a different route with their ‘opinions’ on social media. The two began roasting each other with racial jokes, but both saw the exchange as lighthearted comedy. Some Twitter users thought the Tweets were offensive and crossed the line of humor into racist, while others thought it showed a healing moment of two strangers bonding through humor. Bored Panda has the whole thread below along with reactions. What do you think?

These are Twitter users Para and Jamie

Para recently tweeted this

And Jamie decided to respond

The chat quickly escalated into an epic roast battle

They finally ran out of ideas

But it all ended on a good note

Some people were quick to pull out the ‘racist’ card

Para later explained how it all started on Reddit

Most people found the exchange to be funny


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