VIDEO: Very angry muslim-‘This is revenge’, Anti-Muslim Revenge Attack?

The testimony of Amina, to Victoria Derbyshire, on Sky News, Thursday 15th of June 2017. Amina repeatedly insisted she knew nobody in the tower, did not know anything

about the tower’s safety or construction but witnessed the events of the Grenfell Tower fire.

The testimony has been trimmed down to take out a few minutes of largely irrelevant monologue, with key points raised by Amina that police did not arrive en-mass for FORTY

minutes, that the fire service did not arrive en-mass for TWO HOURS and that appliances were not parked near to the blaze. There is some suggestion by Amina that the media

and emergency services are not reporting the truth, that the police STOPPED the public rescuing residents (she cannot seem to accept this was a dangerous environment for the

public) and instead let them perish and the big claim to the end is that this is entirely a revenge attack on Muslims (appearing to be inferring that non-muslims started the fire

and the emergency services did not respond properly in retaliation for the London Bridge attack).

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