Vine 2 founder explains the philosophy behind the revival


Dom Hofmann, the architect behind the second coming of Vine, has unveiled some of the founding philosophies of the upcoming platform and revealed that he will be launching community forums for the project on Jan. 17.

The forums for the V2 app, on which Hofmann will share updates and receive feedback about the project from registered users as it develops, will live at In response to fevered anticipation about V2, Hofmann—who also co-founded the original Vine app—clarified that only the forums will be launching on Wednesday, with the app to follow later this year “when it gets warmer,” he tweeted. V2 remains in highly limited alpha testing.

In December, Hofmann also dropped some hints about V2’s core tenants, including three overarching aims: giving an equal voice to every artist; being as generous as possible to every artist; and fostering a civilized, kind, inclusive, and non-toxic community. The app’s No. 1 rule, according to a draft of its Community Guidelines & Content Policy Hofmann shared on Twitter, is to “Be nice. Don’t be a bully or a creep. If you act like a bully or a creep, we’ll ban you.” Hofmann also hinted that the app could have a “Nope” button to help users shape their timelines.

Over the holidays, Hofmann also shared a preview of what the V2 capture screen might eventually look like (see below), and stated that the app—which will be available on both iOS and Android—won’t include filters, face filters, or geofilters. Finally, he released a video artist compensation survey for creators to provide feedback about their monetization preferences in order to help hone an optimal model.

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