Wedding Photographer Shares A Ridiculously Simple Photography Trick And The Results Are Stunning

If you haven’t yet mastered the inner workings of a camera, simple photography tricks can help you a great deal. Recently, wedding photographer Mathias Fast has shared a zero-budget hack how to improve your portraits by adding reflections, and it will take every beginner’s shots to a whole new level.

The secret is simple. A phone screen. Using it as a reflective surface, people can easily get rid of undesired elements entering the frame or add intrigue to a simple composition. Scroll down to check out how it works and if you want to learn more, fire up these 10+ Genius Camera Hacks That Will Greatly Improve Your Photography Skills In Less Than 3 Minutes.

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One guy has discovered a genius way to make your portraits look dreamy

Image credits: Mathias Fast

And this zero-budget hack doesn’t require Photoshop as well


Image credits: Mathias Fast

The only thing you need is your phone


Image credits: Mathias Fast

 “Start by holding your phone on a horizontal plane to the bottom edge of your lens”


Image credits: Mathias Fast

“As you look through the viewfinder you’ll see part of the scene reflecting onto the lower part of the image”


Image credits: Mathias Fast

“Simply adjust the phone slightly (while still holding it close the edge of the lens) until you see a reflection that you like:”


Image credits: Mathias Fast

Here’s the result!


Image credits: Mathias Fast


Image credits: Mathias Fast


Image credits: Mathias Fast


Image credits: Mathias Fast


Image credits: Mathias Fast


Image credits: Mathias Fast


Image credits: Mathias Fast

Here’s what people thought about the trick:


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