Woman Drinks 3 Glasses Of Wine At A Work Event, And Things Escalate So Wrong The Whole Internet Is Feeling Sorry For Her

We all had terrible days. Hell, we had some terrible weeks, but this woman probably takes the cake with how unlucky she got. Imgur user onewomanriot recently shared a story about the misfortunes that plagued her first week of May. From sustaining a serious injury, to fighting home intruders, the woman had one punch after another thrown at her by the universe. The upside to her story? She managed to pull through with a smile on her face, showing that as long as you keep it positive, you can survive anything life throws at you. Scroll down below and read about this woman’s terrible week.

More info: Imgur

Imgur user onewomanriot recently shared a story about the troubles that plagued her the first week of May

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 and she’s still smiling!

Day 8

 UPDATE: She got a new (plastic) tooth!

But things didn’t end there

After all that happened here’s what she had to say


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