Wrap Your Feet in Aluminium Foil For an Hour And You Won’t Believe What Happens!

We all have a roll of aluminum foil somewhere in our kitchen cabinets. We constantly use the foil for different purposes, but not many people know that aluminum foil can also be used on our body. The foil offers numerous health benefits – from fighting the common cold to relieving insomnia, this incredible material can resolve many health problems easily and effectively.

Aluminum foil has been used to relieve fatigue in the past. Just put 2-4 sheets of it in the freezer for a few hours, then apply the strips on your face and leave them on until your muscles are relaxed. Once you remove the foil, you should feel reenergized and strong again.

Aluminum foil also works great for relieving pain in the joints and treating inflammatory conditions such as gout, sciatica and arthritis. To get the most out of it, wrap a bit of the foil around the painful area and secure it with a bandage, then leave the foil to work overnight. Repeat the process for 10-12 days and then take a 2-week break – the pain should be gone by then. If it still persists, you can safely repeat the process until it goes away.

The foil also works great against skin burns, as it contains certain elements that can soothe burned skin. Wash the burned area well with cold water and dry it gently with a soft cloth, then apply a thin layer of burn ointment and put a gauze on top. Next, wrap the area with aluminum foil and secure with a bandage, and keep the wrap on until you feel the pain reducing.

According to experts, aluminum foil can also treat phantom pains. Phantom pain occurs after an amputation and can be really unpleasant. Luckily, wrapping a bit of aluminum foil around the affected limb can make the pain disappear quickly.

To get rid of colds, wrap your feet in 5-7 layers of the foil and leave them to act for a few hours before removing it. Leave your feet to breathe for 2 hours afterwards, then repeat the process again. Continue following the treatment for 7 days and you should eliminate the pesky cold.





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