This Dog Is Dead Today. But 50 Soldiers Lived Because He Had The Heart Of A Lion

Hero is a term often used lightly, but in the case of Sgt. Chris Duke, he fits every possible definition of the word. When he was serving in Afghanistan, Sgt. Duke was doing much more than just defending democracy. He was making friends with the locals, three stray dogs, Sasha, Target and Rufus, that ended up saving his life.When a suicide bomber tried to attack his base, his new friends started barking and biting the attacker, eventually saving 50 lives.Sgt. Duke showed the gratitude for the canine heroes by doing something that will melt your heart.source:Don't Ignore SHARE this ! – Scroll down for Comments and Related Articles !

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The Elephants Always Line Up To Hug This Old Lady. The Reason? SPEECHLESS

Daphne Sheldrick is one of those heroes you won’t hear about in the news, she won’t have schools named after her, but a hero who in the span of almost half a century saved hundreds of orphaned elephants right there in her home in Nairobi.Mrs. Sheldrick is the one who perfected the formula that mimics elephant milk which proved to be crucial for these babies orphaned by poachers. Even though in her 80, she still gets up every morning with the same dedication to keep these gentle giants safe from extinction just a bit longer. Truly an inspirational human being.source:SHARE this with your friends by clicking below!

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This man invited his guests to rape his girlfriend. What happened next is horrifying.

Carleigh Hager is a typical 25-year-old from Indianapolis. On the night of October 22, 2016, she arrived home from a wedding with her boyfriend Ryan and three other guests. After what had begun as a perfectly pleasant evening, things were about to take a very dark turn.GoFundMe/Carleigh HagerRyan had been drinking heavily and began acting abusively. He insulted Carleigh in front of his friends, even suggesting that they would be welcome to rape her. Carleigh was so distraught she left the group and went to bed, hoping her absence would diffuse the situation. But eventually Ryan came in and started brutally beating her.Youtube/WTHRHis friends tried to intervene, but he threw them out of the house and locked the door. Luckily, they made the right decision and called the police. However, before police arrived on the scene, Ryan's rage intensified. He threw her to the floor and began biting her all over her body. Carleigh fought desperately to get away, but Ryan was still able to inflict over 20 bite wounds and nearly ripped out her tongue.GoFundMe/Carleigh HagerFortunately, the police arrived just in time to stop Ryan before he was able to inflict any fatal wounds. They found Carleigh in shock and covered in blood and quickly took her to the hospital. Doctors were able to re-attach her tongue but it took three weeks for her to recover to the point that she could eat properly again. The psychological wounds, however, took much longer to heal.GoFundMe/Carleigh HagerCarleigh has since confessed that she had always lived in fear of her boyfriend despite the happy life she had depicted on social media. Now she wants to warn others so they don’t make the same mistake, “You have to tell somebody. You can’t be embarrassed. You can’t be ashamed. You have to tell somebody because I almost died and it can happen.” Youtube/WTHRRyan is currently in jail awaiting trial and Carleigh and her family can finally breathe a sigh of relief. They have also started a GoFundMe page to help pay for Carleigh’s medical treatment.Youtube/WTHRYou can watch the full story in this video:Thanks to the friends who called the police, Carleigh is still alive today. She's one of the lucky ones, but there are many others who are not as fortunate. Hopefully her story will encourage others who are in abusive relationships to speak up and seek help before it's too late.SHARE this with your friends by clicking below!source:

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40 Studies Proving GM Foods Are Destroying Our Health

GMO labeling seems like a relatively common sense move given the numerous studies that have called into question the safety of GM foods and the requisite, carcinogenic herbicides necessary for their cultivation.The following is a list of 40 rodent studies conducted using either Roundup Ready or Bt-toxin GM feed. When you see this sort of evidence, it really is quite mind-boggling that our elected officials are seemingly putting corporate interests and profiteering above public health by recently making the United States the first country in the world to ban GMO labeling. (Read more about that here.)The following studies, compiled by GMO Free USA, prove how the rats suffered a wide assortment of ailments including:-Increased intestinal infections-High cholesterol-Birth defects-Weight-increase and higher incidence of mortality-Organ pathologies in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, ovaries, testes, and adrenals-Major issues with both the intestinal tracts and immunity of the animals tested1. E. Abdo, et al. “Feeding Study with Bt Corn (MON810: Ajeeb YG) on Rats: Biochemical Analysis and Liver Histopathology,” Food and Nutrition Sciences, Vol. 5 No. 2, 2014, pp. 185-195.2. Battistelli S., Baldelli B., Malatesta M. (2008), Influence of a GMO-containing diet on pancreatic acinar cells of adult mice: effects of a short-term diet reversion, “Microscopie”, 10, pp. 36-433. S. Battistelli, B.Citterio, B. Baldelli, C. Parlani, and M. Malatesta (2010) Histochemical and morpho-metrical study of mouse intestine epithelium after a long term diet containing genetically modified soybean Eur J Histochem. September 26;54(3): e364. Brasil FB, Soares LL, Faria TS, Boaventura GT, Sampaio FJ, Ramos CF.(2009) The impact of dietary organic and transgenic soy on the reproductive system of female adult rat. Anat Rec(Hoboken).292(4):587594.5. B Cisterna, F Flach, L Vecchio, SML Barabino, S Battistelli, TE Martin, M Malatesta, M Biggiogera (2008) Can a genetically modified organism-containing diet influence embryonic development? A preliminary study on pre- implantation mouse embryos.Cisterna.Vol.52(4)6. Joël Spiroux de Vendômois, François Roullier, Dominique Cellier, Gilles-Eric Séralini (2009) A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health Int J Biol Sci; 5(7):706-726.7. O. P. Dolaychuk, R. S. Fedoruk (2013) Biological Effects of Different Levels of Soybeans Conventional and Transgenic Varieties in the Second-Generation Female Rats Ration. The Animal Biology, 2013, vol. 15, no. 28. Thanaa A. El-Kholy, Mohammad Abu Hilal, Hatim Ali Al-Abbadi, Abdulhalim Salim Serafi, Ahmad K. Al-Ghamdi, Hanan M. Sobhy and John R. C. Richardson (2014) The Effect of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Soybean on DNA, Cytogenicity and Some Antioxidant Enzymes in Rats. Nutrients, 6(6), 2376-23869. El-Shamei ZS et al. Histopathological changes in some organs of male rats fed on genetically modified corn (Ajeeb YG). J Am Sci. 2012;8(10):684–696.10. Ermakova IV (2006) Genetically modified soy leads to weight loss and increased mortality of pups of the first generation. Preliminary studies. EkosInform. Federal Environmental Law Gazette. a | -1,, p. 4-10. 11. Ermakova IV (2007) New data on the impact of GMOs on physiological state and the higher nervous activities mammals. All-Russia Symposium TRANSGENIC PLANTS AND BIOSAFETY Moscow, October 22 – 25, pages 38-3912. Irina Ermakova (2007) GM soybeans—revisiting a controversial format NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY VOLUME 25 NUMBER 12 DECEMBER 1351-135413. Ermakova IV, IV Barskov (2008) Study of the physiological and morphological parameters in rats and their offspring using a diet containing soybean transgenic EPSPS CP4 Biological sciences. 6. p.19-20.14. Ermakova IV (2009) Influence of soybean gene EPSPS CP4 on the physiological state and reproductive functions of rats in the first two generationsContemporary Problems in Science and Education Number 5, p.15-20.15. Finamore A, Roselli M, Britti S, Monastra G, Ambra R, Turrini A, Mengheri E. (2008) Intestinal and peripheral immune response to MON810 maize ingestion in weaning and old mice. J Agric Food Chem. Dec 10;56(23):11533-9.16. Gab-Alla AA et al. Morphological and biochemical changes in male rats fed on genetically modified corn (Ajeeb YG). J Am Sci. 2012;8(9):1117–1123.17. Т. V. Gorbach, I. U. Kuzminа, G. I. Gubina-Vakulik, N. G. Kolousova (2012) HORMONAL REGULATION OF SEXUAL FUNCTION AND OVARIAN HISTOLOGICAL FEATURES IN THE EXPERIMENT WITH GMO-SOYA USE IN FOOD. TAVRICHESKY LIFE SCIENCES BULLETIN 2012, Volume 15, № 2, Part 2 (58) pages 235-23818. G.I. Gubin-Vakulik, S.A. Denisenko, T.V. Horbach, N.G. Kolousova, T.M. Popova (2012) MORPHOFUNCTIONAL STATE OF ADRENAL GLAND IN FEMALE RATS WISTAR WITH GENETICALLY MODIFIED SOY INCLUSION IN THE DIET. TAVRICHESKY LIFE SCIENCES BULLETIN 2012, Volume 15, № 3, Part 1 (59) pages 85-8819. GI-Gubin VAKULIK TV, GORBACH BB, NG KOLOUSOVA HS, GOPKALOV (2013) THE METABOLIC AND HISTOLOGICAL CHANGES OF KIDNEYS IN FEMALE RATS AND THE FIRST GENERATION AFTER CONSUMPTION OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED SOYBEANS. SCIENTIFIC STATEMENTS Series Medicine. Pharmacy. 2013. № 11 (154). Issue 22 pages 150-15520. G.I. Gubina-Vakulik, S.A. Denisenko, T.V. Gorbach, N.G. Kolousova, A.V. Andreev (2014) Morphofunctional Adrenal State in Adults Descendants With the Diet by Genetically Modified Soy. ЕКСПЕРИМЕНТАЛЬНА І КЛІНІЧНА МЕДИЦИНА. 2014. № 2 (63)21. SERDAR KARAKUŞLU (2014) THE INVESTIGATION OF THE POTENTIAL EFFECTS OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED (GMO) MAIZE (Zea mays L.) ON SWISS ALBINO MICE. JUNE 2014, 25 Pages22. Kiliç A, Akay MT. (2008) A three generation study with genetically modified Bt corn in rats: Biochemical and histopathological investigation. Food Chem Toxicol. 2008 Mar;46(3):1164-70.23. Hasan Kiliçgün, Cebrail Gürsul, Mukadder Sunar, Gülden Gökşen (2013) The Comparative Effects of Genetically Modified Maize and Conventional Maize on Rats J Clin Anal Med ;4(2): 136-924. MA Konovalova, VA Blinov (2006) Influence of genetically modified soybean in mice and their offspring. Commercial Biotechnology 200625. Konovalova, MA, VA Blinov (2007) Morphometric parameters and features of the spectrum Blood enzymes mice receiving GENETICALLY MODIFIED SOY. All-Russia Symposium TRANSGENIC PLANTS AND BIOSAFETY Moscow, October 22 – 25, page 48Given this overwhelming evidence, labeling is only a start. Ultimately, we must pursue a ban. These poisonous ‘foods’ have no business on our tables or in our bodies. We do need to grow food with carcinogenic herbicides.To view the full list of over 40 studies proving the harm GMOs are wreaking on our bodies, visit here.Don't Ignore SHARE this ! – Scroll down for Comments and Related Articles ! Article Source: GMO Free USA, via

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This man was leading a wild life and drinking too much. When he started getting headaches, doctors gave him some bad news

Warning: This article contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.Billy Owen was working as a mechanic. He was married and father to a six-month-old when one day he came down with a nasty head cold. It just wouldn't go away so he finally went to the doctor to put an end to it. But it turned out to be only the beginning of something much worse.“I had headaches and couldn’t breathe because my right nostril was totally plugged. Doctors gave me decongestants thinking it was sinusitis, but my wife finally pushed me to see a specialist.”Ultimately, he got some terrible news: he had a rare form of cancer that impacts the nasal cavity and only has around a 10% survival rate.The tumor is usually able to be removed at an early stage, but in Billy's case, it was necessary to remove half of his face, including his right eye and surrounding muscles and nerves.Billy was left with a gaping hole where his eye once was. This procedure could easily discourage or depress someone. It certainly wouldn't make most people keen to show their face in public. Billy responded differently, however. This experience completely turned his life around. “I was living a wild and crazy life before, drinking too much. But after my surgery, I was having a hard time in the hospital, going on a rampage and I felt something rubbing my hand; something like the presence of God. I felt a deep sense of peace and knew everything was going to be okay.”Billy decided to rededicate his life to his son and wife. He felt he owed them everything: “I can’t imagine what she went through… and my son, he’s the only one who never saw me any differently.” The only thing that still really bothers Billy is the phantom itch he has in his missing eye, which unfortunately can't be helped.He was fitted with a dental plate to maintain his face shape, but if he removes it, he can stick his finger through his eye socket into his mouth. Billy was unable to continue his work as a mechanic. Yet… he had a rare gift now and he decided to make the most of it: he changed careers and started playing zombies in horror movies!He recently starred in an episode of “Freakshow,” a series on AMC.Many people have since shared that they were deeply moved by his story. “One guy offered to make me a custom eye patch!,” Billy said enthusiastically. “But what I really want is to once again be the main breadwinner for my family.”Billy seems to have a great perspective on life, even if he is short one eye. Most people who know him agree that he seems happier today than before, thanks to his optimistic outlook. His attitude is a good demonstration of that old expression, "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade" — we can all do with more lemonade!SHARE this with your friends by clicking below!Source:

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The dog had shut down inside, but this woman wouldn’t stand for it and approached him

It was a busy day in the middle of Mexico City. Cars and trucks were thundering by without pause, but on the edge of the road something was moving…The courage of this woman is remarkable. Nothing could stop her from reaching out to save this poor animal. Share this beautiful example of compassion towards all living beings!Don't Ignore SHARE this ! – Scroll down for Comments and Related Articles ! source:

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Terrified Deer Goes Limp In Hunter’s Arms When It Realizes He’s There To Rescue Him

Once hunting season starts, the deer has a whole new challenge in front of them – staying out of the crosshairs! The sounds of guns teeing off all around them means the season is indeed on. They run off and take cover. But what happens when you accidentally come face to face with a human in camo? It’s one of the bad luck moments.Well, most of the time it is. Here we have a situation where the hunter/deer relationship took a much different turn. A dash cam showed a hunter stop his car as he saw a buck with his hoof tangled up in a fence. Well, of course this was easy pickings for the hunter, right? Wrong.Turns out the hunter examined his leg and saw that he wasn’t too injured. He then freed the deer! Not what many would expect, but indeed it’s what happened.Share this story with friends and family!source:

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Deflate Your Belly, Lose Weight And Clean Your Colon! All That With This Amazing 3in1 Papaya&Oat Smoothie

This 100% natural smoothie will help you cleanse your digestive system.
In addition to that, this papaya-based smoothie also contains other very nutritious ingredients.
Considered to be one of the most refreshing and tastiest drinks, it will help you evacuate more often and combat fatigue.
Both papaya and oats are two very affordable aliments that provide the body with many beneficial nutrients.
Papaya, also known as tree melon, bomb fruit and pawpaw, contains high amounts of sugar, fiber and beta-carotene.
On the other hand, oats have a component known as beta-glucan which helps reduce the blood cholesterol level, in addition to possessing a large amount of fiber.
Recent studies have proven that fiber intake helps reduce the risk of heart diseases.

½ cup of meshed organic gluten-free oats. ¾ cup of papaya, cut into square pieces. ½ cup of homemade almond milk. ¼ tablespoons of cinnamon
Put papaya and oats with cinnamon and almond milk into blender and blend them for 15 seconds until they are well-mixed, then serve it chilled in a glass with some ice added.
This smoothie will reduce your anxiety and will help you lose weight. It also works as a natural laxative and helps you maintain your intestines clean due to the fact that it regulates bowel movements, apart from deflating the belly.
The post Deflate Your Belly, Lose Weight And Clean Your Colon! All That With This Amazing 3in1 Papaya&Oat Smoothie appeared first on Natural Healing Magazine.

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Use This Amazing Remedy To Get Back Your Natural Hair Color! Forget The Hair Dyes, Do It In a 100% Natural Way!

When you think of grey hair, you usually connect it with old, wise men or with stories about wizards and magicians, but if you notice your hair turning grey, you´ll probably suffer a mild panic attack. But worry no more – you won´t have to dye your hair with aggressive hair dyes; the Mother Nature offers you a wide choice of natural alternatives.
Onion juice is one of the best drinks for improving the health of hair follicles. It provides them with all the necessary nutrients and it improves their circulation, at the same time eliminating germs and parasites. It´s also good for treating infections and it helps prevent the hair loss. On the top of all that, it eliminates dandruff.
What is the deal with the onion?
Onion contains a special enzyme called catalase. This enzyme restores the natural hair color and it improves the hair strength. Recent scientific studies showed that grey hair is the result of the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles, leading to the loss of pigmentation.
But which enzyme catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in water and oxygen? You´ve guessed it – it´s the catalase. This is why the onion juice has the same effect as the lotions containing catalase – but in a better way, since it is a natural source of this enzyme. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use it if you want to hide your grey hairs and restore your natural hair color.
According to a study carried out by Journal of Dermatology, 74% of people have seen their hair grow in big amounts after having been using the remedy for only 4 weeks, and in 84% of the cases, people have regenerated their hair in no longer than 6 weeks.
Method of preparation
There are several ways in which you can prepare this drink. You shouldn´t make a lot of it at once because it loses its beneficial proprieties if it stays on for too long. Here are the three main ways to prepare it:


In order to make a squeezed onion juice you just have to peel the onion, cut it in half and place it in the juicer.


If you want to make the onion juice using a blender, peel the onion and cut it in quarters. Place it in the blender and blend until you get the homogenous mass. In the end, strain the mixture in order to eliminate the solid rests of the onion and you get the pure juice.


In order to get the onion juice made with grater, you must peel the onion and cut it in half. Grate it and let the juice come out. Once the whole onion is grated, filter it to eliminate the rests.
Apply the onion juice on the affected area and massage gently for several minutes. This will help stimulate the hair follicles and allow absorption. After that, leave the juice on the scalp for approximately 45 minutes to get the optimal results. In the end, wash it out with warm water. If you experience any discomfort or allergic reaction, stop using the remedy right away.
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The post Use This Amazing Remedy To Get Back Your Natural Hair Color! Forget The Hair Dyes, Do It In a 100% Natural Way! appeared first on Natural Healing Magazine.

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How To Get Rid Of The Bone And Joint Pain, Make Your Hair And Nails Grow Longer And Diminish The Gluten Intolerance – all that by using this amazing remedy!

Eggs are one of the most common aliments in the human diet, and have been so for many centuries. They have very high nutritive value and are one of the greatest sources of proteins. In addition to that, they are very tasty, and can be prepared in a number of ways. You probably already know about the beneficial properties of eggs, but have you ever heard of the amazing effects of their shells?
Well, as some scientific studies have shown, eggshells can be very useful for our health. This is due to the fact that eggshells are almost completely made of calcium (90%), the mineral that is of the biggest importance for the bone health. Besides, our body easily absorbs it.
The following are just some of many benefits you can experience when consuming eggshells:

They can prevent osteoporosis.

They can strengthen the bone marrow.
If you have high levels of cholesterol, they can regulate it.
They have positive effect on the blood pressure.
If you have ever suffered a bone fracture, or a sprain, they are good for strengthening the bones.
If you are an athlete, this is a mandatory complement to your diet.
To a lesser extent it contains zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and chrome.

How to consume eggshell?
The recommended dosage is between 1,5g and 3g of ground eggshell a day. You can add it to your meals or to the smoothies.
But the easiest way of consuming it is by making the eggshell flour. In order to do this, you have to wash well the shells of ten eggs and then crush them in a mortar. After that, put them in the oven for a few minutes so they get roasted and lose the rest of moisture. Keep them in a hermetically closed dish in a dry place.
If you don´t want to make flour, you can mix eggshells with lemon juice. You just need to wash the shell of a single egg and leave it in a glass of natural lemon juice. Approximately twelve hours later, the lemon will have softened the eggshell so you will be able to beat the mixture and consume it in that form. You can also season your salads with it.
There is a number of other ways to prepare the eggshell-based remedies, and all of them have different effects. Here are some:
Natural homemade remedies made of eggshells
If you want to do the detox: Wash 5 eggshells and crush them well in a mortar. Mix the powder with 3l of water and then let the mixture rest for 7 days. After that time has passed, drink two glasses of it a day.
The syrup that stimulates thyroid gland: Wash eight eggshells and crush them in a mortar. Squeeze out five lemons and mix the juice with ground shells. Leave the mixture in the fridge until the shells have softened. Mix it well and add 1l of schnapps and 1kg of honey. Mix well the ingredients and leave them rest for a week. Take one tablespoon of it, three times a day (after meals), every day.
To alleviate the stomach problems: grind an eggshell in a mortar. Take a little bit of it, no more than a quarter teaspoon and mix it with two teaspoons of squeezed lemon juice. When the mixture becomes homogenous, add 100ml of warm water. In order to consume the remedy made like this, you have to do it on an empty stomach, twice a day every day. The first dosage you take in the morning and the second one before going to sleep.
As a scar healer: The transparent film in the interior of the eggshell helps the process of scaring if you have cut or scraped your skin somewhere. If you suffer any injury, place this directly onto the skin and let it act.
To treat irritated skin: place a ground eggshell in a recipient with apple vinegar. Let it rest for a day. After that, apply the mixture to the irritated area of the skin, or where you´re feeling the itch and let it take effect. The irritation will cease instantly.Homemade face lift: mix two tablespoons of eggshell powder with an egg yolk. Beat it well, then apply to the whole face and let it dry. Rinse well. This mask works as a skin tightener and is very nutritious.
To strengthen your nails: add ¼ teaspoonof eggshell powderto your favorite nail polish.This is a good way to strengthen brittle nails and to make them grow faster.
The post How To Get Rid Of The Bone And Joint Pain, Make Your Hair And Nails Grow Longer And Diminish The Gluten Intolerance – all that by using this amazing remedy! appeared first on Natural Healing Magazine.

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According to a new study, kissing can lead to many diseases. Some of these diseases are quite dangerous. Another study revealed that a 10-second kiss can transfer up to 80 million Bacteria. The exchanging of saliva generally causes these diseases. Read on to get to learn more about them.-Cold SoresThere is a very high chance that Cold sores can be transferred through kissing as they are open and even have a fluid present in them. These cold sores generally are present on the upper lip or around it. Cold sores are caused due to the Herpes virus.-Hand, foot and mouth diseaseThe hand, foot and mouth disease is mainly caused because of open sores in the mouth. As the name suggests, it is caused on hands, mouth or even feet. This disease can be transferred through kissing. It is also common among children in daycare and preschools.-Strep ThroatStrep throat is caused by the “strep” bacteria. This bacteria travels through air and can be transferred through kissing or even when a person sneezes.-MononucleosisThis disease is also known as the “kissing disease.” It can be transferred through saliva and is caused because of the Epstein-Barr virus or EBV. There is no treatment available for Mononucleosis.Periodontitis can be transferred through saliva. Hence, this disease can not only be transferred through kissing, it can also be transferred by sharing toothbrushes or even sharing of food.-MeningitisKissing can lead to Viral Meningitis. Viral Meningitis is less severe than the bacterial one, but it too is harmful. Viral meningitis can be caused due to respiratory secretions!-MumpsMumps is harmful as they affect the salivary glands and cause them to swell. It is generally caused due to air droplets from nose or throat. Mumps can easily be prevented using vaccines.-InfluenzaInfluenza is generally transmitted through the air. It can easily be transmitted from person to person with saliva exchange or even sneezing.SHARE this with your friends by clicking below!

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She waited on this grumpy old man every day without complaint. But when he passed away, she found out who he really was.

Anyone who has ever waited tables knows that you have to keep smiling, even when you end up with a table of guests who are doing anything but.Waitress Melina Salazar is a master of this principle. When faced with a customer who never stopped complaining, grumbling, and making trouble, she always managed to serve him with a smile. In the end, she was the only waitress at Luby’s in Brownsville, Texas, who agreed to serve him at all.This customer’s name was Walter “Buck” Swords. He was an 89-year-old WWII veteran. He was cranky and rude, sometimes even insulting the person trying to take his order. It was a nightmare for the waitstaff at the restaurant he patronized almost daily.But there was Melina, day after day. With endless patience, she took his orders without a word of complaint and always managed to bring him the food just the way he wanted it. (He liked his meals piping hot, enough to burn a normal person’s tongue!) Despite his bad temper, she always responded with a generous smile.After seven years of their daily routine, Walter didn’t turn up. Melina began to wonder where he was. One day, she ran across his obituary while reading the paper. Soon afterwards, she was surprised when lawyers contacted her to inform her that since she had always been so nice to him, he had left her an inheritance. She could hardly believe it. When you make a choice like that, day after day, to receive someone’s grumbles with kindness, you usually aren’t thinking about a reward. And yet she was being rewarded with the biggest tip of her life, and she had certainly earned it! The veteran left her $50,000 and a car.Melina was asked to tell her story to the local media, which you can watch here:This story is a good reminder that what can seem like a small kindness to us, might be worth a huge amount to someone else. And we never know what it will lead to, whether it comes back to us or gets passed on to someone who needs it even more!SHARE this with your friends by clicking below!Source: Little Things

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This man woke up with a scar from his throat to his ears. How it happened is incredible!

Stefan Zoleik, a 47-year-old man from Slovakia, will remember the year 2015 for many years to come. Something occurred in June of that year that would change his life for the better. This father of two suffers from a rare condition called Madelung disease. For ten years, a tumor was constantly growing around his throat.Youtube/TomoNewsFrance Not only did the tumor cause him incredible pain, but he also had to leave his job as a mechanic because of it. Due to the constant teasing he received about his appearance, Stefan became very depressed and started living as a recluse.Youtube/TomoNewsFrance Doctors refused to treat him due to the risk of dangerous complications, but finally in June 2015, something remarkable happened: a plastic surgeon named Igor Homola decided to try anyway. He scheduled a five-hour surgery to remove the tumor. No one knew if Stefan could survive the operation. The whole surgery team was holding its breath.Youtube/TomoNewsFrance Thankfully, the procedure seemed to go smoothly. Stefan was barely recognizable in the recovery room.Youtube/TomoNewsFrance He was stunned when he saw his reflection in the mirror. "I love my new look. I think my face is very attractive!" he said.Youtube/TomoNewsFrance Youtube/TomoNewsFranceAdditional surgeries are necessary to remove any remaining cells and prevent the tumor from returning, but Stefan is already a different man. "More than anything it was my family who helped me get through this," he said gratefully.This video tells his story:Stefan is a survivor who is grateful for the second chance he's been given. Despite suffering years of heartless insults, he never gave up. What a wonderful story of courage!SHARE this with your friends by clicking below!Source:

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This is why it’s good for your girlfriend to fart in your direction. I had no idea how important this can be!

Farting is sexy! This may sound strange, but some experts believe it to be true. Farting is usually embarrassing, but the reality is, it happens to everybody. It may result in a bit of awkwardness and might be slightly unpleasant for the innocent bystanders who are subject to it, but it's really no big deal and around friends people tend to just laugh it off. But what about when we're around someone we want to impress, like a boyfriend or girlfriend? Most people tend to hold it in, especially in the early stages of the relationship. However, according to some experts, this is exactly the wrong approach. Their advice? Farting in front of your significant other is good for the relationship, so feel free to let one rip!One of those experts is family psychologist Leah DeCesare from Rhode Island. She has spent her career writing about long-term relationships and parenthood.DeCesare believes that after people have been in a relationship for a longer period, they stop on a front and show their true colors. This is a sign of comfort and trust and when people feel secure enough in a relationship they should also feel free to fart in front of each other. After all, it is one of the most natural things in the world and as DeCesare believes, should be considered as natural as laughing, crying or eating. She also points out that it is particularly important for women to show their partners that they too have to break wind once in a while. There are many reasons for this…An exclusive relationshipThe fairer sex is often considered tender and fragile and wants to be seen as "cute". When women pass gas in front of their partner they are actually saying: "You are my one and only." After all, the love of your life should also be your best friend. This kind of openness puts the relationship on a higher level. Only people who are in an exclusive, comfortable relationship are willing to do things around their partner that they wouldn't do in public.Inside jokeWhen a couple can laugh about a good fart, it shows that they both have the same sense of humor. This leads to situations and jokes that nobody outside of the relationship can understand. The relationship has its own secret form of communication and that makes it stronger.Flickr/Vicky Laforge FollowNo secretsIt's only a fart but it can be symbolic of all the secrets people have when starting a relationship. If you don't feel the need to hide your gaseous emissions, why would you need to hide anything else? Or taken from the other perspective: if you're hiding your farts, what else are you hiding?Farting is sexyThis might sound ridiculous, but many experts believe it. After all, aren't we particularly attracted to our partner when he or she arrives home all sweaty after a workout at the gym? When we know that every aspect of this person, warts and all, belongs to us? There is nothing more intimate than sharing every private moment and sordid detail of your personality with another person. It's like taking a shower together or feeding each other greasy pizza straight from the box — simply sexy!Leah DeCesare is quite certain that a good fart can bring a couple closer together. It's the perfect way to express how comfortable you are around another person and can signal the start of a long and happy relationship. So when the timing feels right, let it all out. It might be just the thing you need to take your relationship to the next level!SHARE this with your friends by clicking below!Source:,

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Hipster Santa Gets All The Fame…

SantaClara gives a shoutout to all the women out there, who make every christmas to something special in this really cool ad by supermarket chain Lidl. I really like the smooth hip hop tune by Emily Roberts and the overall visual style in this one – especially hipster santa is big!
“CHRISTMAS TIME IS THESE ONE OF A KIND DAYS OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS. Oh yes! But most of all: it is time for stress. Hectic. At least for the women. Because it is THEM, who do the homework. The dishes. The cooking. It is the Mamas, who buy the gifts (and exchange them again). It is the wives, who wrap the presents.”

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Get more on this campaign by searching for the hashtag #SantaClara on your favorite social media channel or visit Lidl on Facebook or their website. And don’t forget to give your mom, girlfriend, wife or whoever some credit for all the love she puts into christmas. Christmas is for everyone!

This is a sponsored posting by Lidl.
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Crushing $40,000 Gold Bar With Big Hydraulic Press

If you are sensitive about luxury items like iPhones being crushed by a hydraulic press – this one is not for you. Crushit got over 4 million views with this within a day – and luckily gold can be melted again and doesn’t really lose it’s worth (so it is a really smart move!).
“Today we do the most expensive Crush in YouTube History!”

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I Haven’t Had Flu Or a Cold Over a Year After Using This 100% Natural Homemade Remedy!

As the winter is coming, the temperature is getting lower, that way facilitating the contagion of flu accompanied by cough. These conditions can produce great discomfort and irritation, especially if you’re suffering from dry cough.
Usually we take pills to get rid of the cough, but it’s commonly known that taking pills is damaging our liver little by little.
In view of the above mentioned facts, we would like to show you a completely natural way of fighting the flu, the cough and many others. This remedy will fortify your immune system and help you prevent many health problems. Among them, we can single out common cold; flu, cough and many others.
The ingredients you’ll need in order to prepare this fabulous remedy can easily be found in the supermarket; therefore the remedy will be ready in no time. Here are the ingredients and the preparation instructions:

You’ll need:

Onion (1 joint).
Lemon (1 piece).
Pure honey (2 tablespoons).
Purified water (2 cups).

Preparation and usage:
First we let the water boil. When it does, we cut the onion in small pieces of approximately 15mm and we add them to the boiling water. We let the water simmer for the next 15 minutes and then we turn off the fire. After that, we let it rest for ten minutes until it cools down. Then we filter the liquid and we add honey, and in the end, the lemon juice.
We need to take this powerful substance at least thrice a day. This will help us strengthen our immune system. In addition, it will fight the common cold symptoms, alleviate the cough and eliminate the flu.
Benefits of each ingredient
Lemons are per se rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C help improve the body defense mechanisms and reduces the phlegm. As a result, it fights heavily the common cold and the flu.
Honey has many antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It also fights the skin irritation and Itchy, sore throat.
As for the onion, it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy, an antibiotic and expectorant. On the other hand, it increases our defense system by fortifying the immune system.
Don’t let this winter leave you lying in bed for catching a cold. Start using this remedy as a preventive measure to avoid contagion. Of course, if you already have flu, drink this remedy for a quick recovery. We kindly ask you to share this article on your social media networks so that everyone can know how to act in this time of the season.
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This Is The True Meaning Of The Sagging Pants Trend!

There are people who think that fashion is the most important thing, given that for them personal style can be a way of standing out in the crowd.
Whether you’ll come across as a successful person or someone quite messy and unkempt, it depends on what people from your environment consider acceptable and what you can tell is your style.
We are making this clear because we know that many of you have children, cousins and other young relatives that can acquire certain disgraceful characteristics once they enter the puberty.
A brief history of saggy pants
For many people, particularly in the male prisons during the eighties, this was a way to expose one’s behind to the other inmates or even the guards inside these facilities.
That way, the moment they saw an inmate with his pants sagging, they knew he was looking for action and they were more than willing to carry it out. Nevertheless, it’s not quite clear how this fashion expanded on the streets, but there have been rumors that it is due to the gangsters coming in and out of prison.
Nowadays thousands of young people are being rebellious and wearing their pants like that, but for their parents and many other adults that is just a risky way of losing your pants on the street, unless you put a belt on.
We are discussing this issue so that you can help the young people you know are into this fashion and tell them the real story behind the sagging-pants habit. Our goal is not to make them wear trousers that reach their necks, but at least try to convince them to wear the ones reaching the waist, without having to make an every-day exhibition of what kind of underwear they have on.
We hope that you like the article and that you have learned something new you can share with your loved ones or parents trying to watch after their children and prevent them from going off track.
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Some people just have a way with animals, and furry little friends – sometimes even really big ones – tend to gravitate towards them. As Hero Viral shares, our latest example of that comes courtesy of this video, which features a woman that’s made fast friends with a deer from the woods.It’s a pretty amazing sight to behold, as this real-life Snow White just has to peek her head out and call out ‘little girl,’ at which point her friend comes scurrying along to greet her. It doesn’t end with a simple hello either, as this amazing bond has developed to the point that the deer actually comes inside to eat breakfast.We’ve all seen the videos of a confused deer crashing through a window and wreaking havoc, but this calm and peaceful deer apparently went to some form of etiquette school, as it gracefully makes its way inside to simply share a meal with its friend. What’s more, the ritual is reportedly not only relegated to breakfast either, as the pair is said to have kicked back and enjoyed lunch and dinner together too.Watch It !!SourcePlease SHARE With Friends !!

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On her 18th birthday she tells her mother she is being sexually abused. Days later her stomach explodes.

Amy Oestreicher from Connecticut revealed a dark secret on her 18th birthday: she told her mother that she was being sexually abused and had been for six months. Amy's dream was to work in musical theater and she had been taking classes with a prestigious voice teacher who had taken advantage of her. While Amy was getting good grades in school and everything seemed to be fine, she was secretly being molested. However, before her mother had time to seek psychological help for her daughter, Amy began to suffer from a severe stomach ache. Her belly was distended, but the doctor assured her that it was just gas. But then Amy's stomach "exploded" in the doctor's parking lot.Just two weeks prior to her school prom, Amy fell into a deep coma. The doctors could not explain what had happened; they performed a life-saving procedure on her and found a huge amount of fluid in her stomach. Apparently her digestive system was "dead" and her intestines had turned black. Amy woke up six months later to terrible news: she no longer had a stomach and eating or drinking could literally kill her. So six years went by, during which Amy continued to undergo operations with the hope she'd be able to drink and eat again. At the age of 20, Amy decided on a whim to audition for "Oliver" and she got a role! Things were looking up. One year after that, after her 13th operation, Amy was able to have her first bite of food in three years. She bit into a tasty waffle. However, her doctors told her she would only be able to eat once every couple of months.One day, six years after the operation that saved her life, Amy was really thirsty and chugged a bottle of water. Miraculously nothing happened. At last she could drink and eat normally again. And she also fulfilled a lifelong dream: Amy was finally able to star in her own musical in New York! Although she would regularly return to the hospital for checkups and procedures, Amy decided not to give up. She enrolled in college and signed up for a dating website. Shortly thereafter she met Brandon Thetford and only four months later they celebrated their wedding together!Today, Amy wonders what her life would have been like if her stomach hadn't exploded. She likely would have never met her husband or written her first play. After all, struggles can be the fruit of creativity. Bravo for Amy!Don't Ignore SHARE this ! – Scroll down for Comments and Related Articles ! Source: Daily Mail ,

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Battle Freestyle Rap: James Corden vs. Usain Bolt

Wow! This got a lot better than I expected. Over 1.6 million people saw this epic rap battle in the Late Late Shows segment “Drop The Mic” from a few days ago where host James Corden battles sprinter Usain Bolt. Hit it!
“James Corden challenges the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, to a rap battle, and nothing is off the table.”

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Nowadays we are exposed to a lot of different products that contain substances harmful to our health. Many of them can be found in our own homes!
Certain personal and home care products, products we use in work environment and in the restaurants must undergo some security measures in order to obtain a health guarantee. This way we will avoid exposing ourselves to dangerous amounts of certain substances contained in the below listed products. We urge you to switch to natural, homemade alternatives.
1* Artificial sweeteners
Many people consider it a good decision to switch from sugar to sweeteners. Although there are natural ones that are really healthy, you have to know which ones aren´t!

Acesulfame K: causes tumors and affects pregnancy
Aspartame: related to skin cancer
Saccharin: related to bladder cancer, as it is indigestible and is excreted by the liver
Sorbitol: it doesn´t digest well in the bowels, causes diarrheas, swelling and gases

We recommend you to switch from the aforementioned artificial sweeteners to honey or to the following ´´natural´´ sweeteners:

Stevia can lower the blood pressure and the blood sugar levels.
Xylitol: improves the bone density and reduces the risk of dental caries.
Yacon Syrup: feeds the good bacteria in the bowels and helps alleviating constipation.

2*Air fresheners
In order to keep the house and certain shops clean, we mostly use a variety of chemical products. Even though certain cleaning substances are necessary to keep us safe from bacteria, truth is many of them cause health problems such as:

Respiratory disorders and asthma
Hormonal problems

We recommend you to use the vinegar and baking soda combined together because they contain natural anti-microbial cleaning properties. They don´t provoke secondary effects like commercial cleaners. They fight bacteria such as: Staph salmonella and E. coli.
3*Anti-dandruff Shampoo ¨Head and Shoulders¨
The anti-dandruff shampoo ¨Head and Shoulders 2-in-1″ contains methylchloroisothiazolinone and ammonium sulfate which may have been contaminated during production with a component such as 1, 4-dioxane.
Scientific studies have proven these components to be carcinogenic when combined together. United States Department of Health and Human Services said that they should be withdrawn from the market.
That is why we urge you to prepare a natural shampoo with rosemary and cypress to eliminate dandruff. Here´s how to make it: Mix five tablespoons of a common shampoo, three springs of rosemary and the same amount of cypress, five tablespoons of lemon or apple vinegar. Put it in a container with a lid and use it four times a week until the dandruff is gone.
4*Antibacterial soap
It is supposed that antibacterial soap serves to get rid of the bad bacteria and germs. But current studies from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have shown that these soaps contain an ingredient called Triclosan, which is causing the following problems:

Interference with hormonal levels (in the early age and puberty)
Increases the risk of infertility and cancer.

Eliminate these chemical soaps and change them for the natural one, made at home. Homemade soaps are very good for skin and health in general. This is how you can make them:

Grate a bar of mild, chemical-free soap with a standard grater.
Melt the soap on low heat and stir it to avoid the formation of lumps.
Add 30 drops of an essential oil to the melted soap and mix it well.
Pour the mixture in a container and let it dry. After that you´ll be able to use it.
Always pick an essential oil such as: eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, lemon, clove and tea tree because they have anti-bacterial properties.

If you want to make a positive change in your house and to improve your health, take advantage of the benefits provided by natural products. They are equally effective, and even better than others that contain harmful substances. When you make your own hygiene products you are protecting your own life and the lives of your loved ones.

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AMAZING TIP! Take A Look At How To Permanently Take Off Hair From Your Lady Parts In An All-Natural Way Just By Applying This Homemade Mixture

Shaving and waxing the hair off your private parts has become a sexy trend for many men and women, but you need a little delicacy to do it well. The procedure is basically the same no matter if you´re male or female, you just need to shave off the hair and avoid irritation. If you want to learn how to wax in a natural way and permanently, keep reading the article.
Homemade remedies to eliminate unwanted hair
The homemade remedies given here to eliminate the unwanted hair are very easy and secure. Find out which method suits you best and try it out.
The mixture of sugar and lemon for facial hair
Sugar mixed with water and lemon juice will help you exfoliate your face and is a natural face bleacher. Lemon juice will help lighten the color of your facial hair. These three ingredients are combined in order to help effectively eliminate the facial hair, as well as hair on the other body parts. We advise you to avoid the sensitive areas when using this product.

2 tablespoons of sugar
10 tablespoons of water
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
A small bowl


Mix the sugar and water in a small bowl.
Once that´s done add the lemon juice to the bowl and mix well.
Then apply the mixture of sugar and lemon to your face in the direction of hair growth of your facial hair.
Leave the mixture on the face for 15 to 20 minutes.
Wash off with water after 20 minutes, rubbing the mixture gently with your hands.
Repeat the procedure twice or three times a week in order to see your facial hair disappearing.

Sugar, honey and lemon mixed for leg and arm hair removal
Sugar mixed with water, lemon and honey represents a great homemade remedy that eliminates the unwanted hair from your body. It acts like wax and is very effective in diminishing the growth of the unwanted hair on your arms and legs.
Ingredients and Tools

1 tablespoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of organic honey
Water (optional in order to make thinner paste)
Corn starch or multipurpose flour – 1 to 2 teaspoons
A piece of fabric or wax strip
Spatula for waxing or a butter knife


Mix well the sugar, the lemon juice and honey in a small bowl.
Warm up this mixture for three minutes in order to make its surface smooth, that is, to make a free-flowing paste.
If you find the paste to be too thick, add some water and mix well. Leave the mixture cool down at room temperature.
Wash the body parts intended for the hair removal, and then remove the powder with cornstarch or multipurpose flour.
Use the waxing spatula to apply a large amount of warm mixture of sugar, lemon and honey to the areas you want to remove the unwanted hair from.
Apply it in the direction of hair growth and once you did that, cover the skin with a piece of fabric or waxing strips and press down to glue them into the paste.
Pull the strip in the direction opposite to the hair growth in order to effectively remove unwanted hair.
You can repeat the procedure every time you notice that the unwanted hair has grown on your arms or legs.

Doctor Dillner points out in her article that waxing leaves the pubis ¨unprotected¨ and concludes: ¨Your pubis is your own business. But pubic hair exists for a reason: to protect your genitals from frictions and infections. It´s more hygienic to avoid shaving it.
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Talk about a sinus problem! What this man pulls out of his nose is unbelievable.

Anyone who has ever suffered from serious sinus pressure knows how agonizing it can be. Following a procedure on his sinuses after which his nasal passages were stuffed with cotton, this man had to live with something even more extreme. In this video, he braces himself for relief as the cotton plugs are to be removed:Astounding! Talk about a stuffed up nose! Who would have thought that there was so much room up there? One can only hope that this poor guy got the relief he needed and that his sinuses are soon back in order.SHARE this with your friends by clicking below!source

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