17 People Who Thought Earth Is 2019 Years Old And Congratulated It On Twitter

Turns out, Twitter is good not only for sending insults but wishing good wishes as well. Shocking, I know. And just as New Year’s Eve was coming to an end, people started congratulating Earth on its 2019th birthday. We can only guess if they were trolling or being serious, but let’s just hope that they are either anti-vaxxers or flat-Earthers. Because if they aren’t, that means there’s another group of very special people that will drive us crazy while making us question the future of humanity at the same time

Image credits: yesimessi

Image credits: ninaalaurel

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Image credits: Adizzle_408

Image credits: chuu_bi

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Image credits: KimDraculaFS

Image credits: alexjxmes

Image credits: maramooler

Image credits: Slut4Keiji

Image credits: CyrusTuturuu

Image credits: tanukimusic

Image credits: lovednasa

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