20 Photos Of Legendary Bands In Their Prime Compared To Them Now

While creating something you’re truly passionate about, you’re never really sure whether it will work out or not. Throughout history, the biggest success stories almost always have one thing in common – their main goals were never to become iconic, the goal was to create art as well as something people would truly enjoy. So, this list compiled by Bored Panda dives into the past of the most famous bands in history while looking at how all of them looked before fame struck – from the innocent Bee Gees to hardcore partying with Metallica – this list shows how life was for these iconic bands before they ever dreamed about becoming as big as they did.

The Beatles

Depeche Mode

Bee Gees



Def Leppard

Judas Priest

Beastie Boys

Iron Maiden


Rolling Stones

The Cure

The Sex Pistols



Green Day



Linkin Park

Nine Inch Nails


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