7 Reasons Not To Use The Microwave And Throw It Away!

The microwave has become a staple of any kitchen since its invention. Many people find it incredibly easy to just cook a meal up in the appliance instead of preparing a nice hot meal as the process is simpler and certainly quicker. However, there’s one problem – the meals prepared in the microwave are nowhere as healthy as those prepared traditionally, and the appliance is not safe for food preparation. Many experts also argue about the potential dangers of microwave radiation on our food, so microwaves may not be so innocent as they seem.

Since its invention, the microwave managed to replace traditional cooking. It cooks the food by means of electromagnetic waves that vibrate at high speeds and collide with each other, creating heat through friction. Even though the media doesn’t see microwaves as dangerous, nutritional experts reject the use of the microwave and consider it unhealthy. You may save some time preparing your food, but it’s nothing compared to the increased risk of several serious diseases. Here are 7 reasons why you should stop using the microwave:

  1. Microwaves destroy up to 75% of the enzymes and essential nutrients in your food. The electromagnetic waves alter the chemical structure of the food, which leaves it stripped of nutrients.
  2. Microwaves increase the risk of free radicals entering your body, which can seriously harm your immune system and health and may cause cancer.
  3. Microwave foods can weaken your immune system and have been related to numerous serious diseases.
  4. If you look at vegetables prepared in a microwave under a microscope, you’ll notice how their cell walls are torn down.
  5. The appliance generates a lot of electromagnetic radiation which can have negative effects on your health.
  6. Microwaving foods destroy them at a cellular level.
  7. Use the space for something else – microwaves are not small, so throwing them out can make more space for some healthier appliance.


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