Apex Legends melee cheat turns your feet into deadly weapons

A newly discovered Apex Legends melee cheat allows players to fly around and kick other players to death at an absurd speed.

Melee attacks are typically a last ditch effort to close out a fight in Apex Legends, since they only do about 30 damage, are tough to land, and have a slight input delay to keep players from spamming the attack. That evidently wasn’t enough to stop an Apex Legends player known as “IpManLegends.”

A video posted by YouTube user “Dek” on March 11 shows them playing a round of Apex Legends before coming across an enemy team. The enemy team’s Bloodhound player, IpManLegends, proceeds to charge Dek and leap into the air, delivering a series of kicks to Dek’s face that wouldn’t be out of place in a Chun-Li Street Fighter combo.

It’s clearly breaking the game’s typical ruleset, and shockingly, it’s fast and deadly enough to chew through a level 2 (blue) armor set.

Dek continued by going into spectator mode and watching IpManLegends perform the same feat on other players, along with an unidentified Lifeline player.

How to use Apex Legends melee cheat

According to comments from the original post, players can achieve this feat by playing a character who can cancel their ultimate ability immediately after activating it. So far we’ve seen Bloodhound and Lifeline, but we’re not sure about others. Players are evidently supposed to hit the melee button, followed immediately by the ultimate button. Spamming that will launch a series of melee attacks that can decimate an enemy player in a matter of seconds.

I also have to point out how hilariously appropriate it is that the original offender here was named IpManLegends. Martial arts film lovers will recognize Ip Man (most often portrayed by noted martial artist Donnie Yen) as a master teacher of Wing Chun style and Bruce Lee’s instructor. Wing Chun is characterized by simple but fast-paced strikes and deflections in very close range to a target’s body. Have a look.

Players looking to exercise this exploit may want to be cautious. EA has been reportedly banning players for other exploits, particularly one that results in earning a free Origin Access pack, but no reports have been made about bans for this particular exploit. In the meantime, check out some other recent Apex Legends leaks and news.


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