As MoviePass crashes and burns, Twitter makes jokes

The future of MoviePass is looking bleak, to say the least. Over the weekend, subscribers to the cinema ticket app weren’t able to secure tickets for Mission Impossible: Fallout or most other big movies. And on Monday, Business Insider reported that it appears MoviePass won’t provide tickets to major film releases for the foreseeable future.

Across social media, MoviePass users shared screenshots that showed the app out of service or offering very limited ticket options, even in big cities. Even more alarmingly, the MoviePass Twitter feed had stopped responding to customer concerns as of Monday afternoon, according to Mashable.

All in all, it seems the downfall of MoviePass is imminent. Of course, amid the crashing and burning, the people of Twitter rolled out the jokes.

Among the mockery, only one person valiantly offered to help the struggling app (in a riff on a classic meme).

And despite the chaos, people suggested other products they’d like to pay for using the subscription-based MoviePass business model.

If MoviePass really is on its way out, one thing’s for sure: The cheap movies were nice while they lasted.

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