Cardi B says she drugged, robbed men in her past on Instagram Live

Cardi B admitted that when she worked as a stripper, she used to drug men and then rob them, Uproxx reports. Twitter is flooded with mixed responses.

“I had to go strip. I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you wanna fuck me? Yeah yeah yeah, let’s go back to this hotel.’ I drugged [N-word] up and I’d rob them. That’s what I used to do. Nothing was motherfucking handed to me,” the rapper said in the Instagram Live video from over the weekend, which can now be seen on Twitter. It seems that Cardi B was responding to critics saying that she doesn’t deserve her success.

The confession prompted the spread of #SurvivingCardiB, referencing the hashtag that went viral after the now-infamous Surviving R. Kelly docuseries accused Kelly of decades of sexual abuse against minors. Some users also referenced Bill Cosby, who’s in prison for drugging and molesting a woman.

“Bill Cosby did the same shit and got sent to jail. Cardi B gets SUPPORT FOR IT ???? #SurvivingCardiB,” Twitter user @EMMXMINAJ wrote.

Some suggested that men face a double standard when it comes to being held accountable.

“I can’t believe Cardi B openly admits she drugged, raped and stole money from men but there’s no news sources reporting this? If a man did this or even ONE of these everyone would be going crazy. The double standards are insane. Do men justice and lock her up! #SurvivingCardiB,” Twitter user @nicolenovello_ wrote.

“so Cardi B admits that she used to have sex and then drug men to steal their money but females are being silent? Toxic femininity,” Twitter user @chasethemoney22 wrote.

“Cardi B admitted to drugging, raping and robbing men but people are defending her either because she’s a woman, they’re using childhood trauma as an excuse, they’re a stan or they think it’s an attempt to ‘defame’ her. Bitch please, she told herself. ARREST HER. #SurvivingCardiB,” Twitter user @_NotOliver wrote.

Others came to Cardi B’s defense.

“R Kelly is gross and in no way shape or form should a serial abuser and pedophile (him) be compared to Cardi B or someone like her,” wrote Twitter user @BelleMoon_XoXo.

“Sooo… Lemme get this straight. Y’all outraged bcuz Cardi B played a bunch of tricks. Haaa! Let that marinate,” Twitter user @Bttaflymakeup wrote.

Cardi B responded by subtweeting the situation and then announcing she would be taking a break from Twitter.


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